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Topsy-Turvy - Tzuvy - 02-05-2018

Luche handled the bundle in her arms with extreme care, giving it every bit of attention she could spare without walking into walls or other pedestrians nearby. For whatever reason, her master had tasked the ditzy demoness return with retrieving the package -- a hide-wrapped square item that was twice the size of her hand, weighing several pounds, and gave off a strange feeling of power in her grasp. Most importantly, under no circumstances was it to be dropped, manhandled, or otherwise roughed up on the return trip; this had been repeated multiple times to her, so the little devil knew how imperative it was.

Sudden rivulets of steam escaped from Luche as she nearly collided with another demon that had rushed in front of her, a terrified squeak escaping her lips as she swiftly changed directions, twisting her body away from the oncoming pedestrian to protect the article as the two bodies jostled into one another. Fancy footwork found her dancing around a cart coming the other way and quickly ducking around a chatty pair sauntering ignorantly side-by-side down the already-narrow pathway around the market, her momentum difficult to control. There was no way she would willingly walk into the bazaar if she could help it. Luche hated crowds.

Still, the alley wasn't safe either; crimson eyes glanced nervously around, scanning for any further obstacles in her way. Any spare attention was set on clutching the package as tightly as she dared to. All that multitasking was wearing on Luche's feeble psyche, leaving her several seconds away from a panic attack. Only the idea of earning Magog's approval was keeping the poor demon from breaking down right then and there...

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Kazetatsu - 02-05-2018


Why was he here? Sem was looking for... something to do other than stay cooped up in his nest at least for the time being. This location however was not ideal. It was crowded and noisy and full of the conflict of demons bickering over wares. It wasn't a safe place to be, not for him when he didn't want to create any problems.

he was sulking about on the outskirts of the area, not bothering to pay attention to anything unless it really stood out, or got too close. Yet eventually some unusual motion caught the singularity's eye. How it was different from the usual bustling. It had a certain quality of motion that was distinctly unique to its owner.

He brought himself closer to the alleyway in a way rather distinct to himself (as far as he knew) manipulating space to bring himself near without risking the throngs.


The boyish voice came out loudly, maybe even too loud once Sem got close enough. He sounded more cheery today than he'd been but that was really a lie in forcing himself to at least act functional. Forcing a grin both was and wasn't working. Once he stepped away from this moment he might go right back to his pessimistic view.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Tzuvy - 02-06-2018

 The end of the side alley was in sight, her escape from its confining walls almost-- A loud shout startled the ditzy demoness, and in her frightened state she tried to turn around to discern who was yelling. This ended poorly; one of her wings caught on a passer-by, jarring her heel-spin and causing her to stumble awkwardly. Immediately after, something slammed bodily into her, sending her face down to the ground, a grumbled "'Scuse me" her only clue that it was another being.

Scrambling to pick herself up, Luche swiftly discovered that the package was gone, simply gone. A panicked yelp escaped, hands clambering around on the ground looking for the missing item, her desperation growing by the second as she searched for it.

Sem would see everything from where he was; Luche's distraction, her pinball act, and the loss of the package. From his standpoint, though, he would see the hide-bound item fly out of the little devil's hands when the big bastard slammed into her as she stumbled, flipping in an arch towards him ...though not right into his hands, as it arced a bit away from where he was, where it would fall into the mass of bodies if it wasn't caught.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Kazetatsu - 02-07-2018


The package disappeared amongst the throng. Not that Sem hadn't tried to catch it. He had at first, but overrided the action lest he touch it, and it end up absorbed. Sem still followed it. It was somehow important to Luche and if some other being caught the package it still might never be seen again. A lot of the lesser local demons followed a finders keeper's mindset like that.

Unfortunately sem lost sight of the parcel so he could only look for it where it's trajectory predicted it might end up.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - 000 - 02-08-2018

"What's this?"

A hand reached out, stringy and wrinkled, catching the package as it fell from the air.

The hand belonged to a small guy, no more taller than a toddler, and his most identifying feature was that he looked like a nematode.
His body was transparent, his insides swirling with a fleshy fluid, and all over, inside and out, it was feeding the growth of various decomposers and detritivores--bulging mushrooms, crawling lichen, drowning millipedes, writhing worms, and who knew what else.
Despite--or perhaps because of--his appearance, there was a foreboding air to his presence...which was, in all likelihood, a rather normal occurrence for the city.

An arm like tangled roots pulled the parcel close, the trailing tip of his head passing over it in inspection.

A larger demon passed in front of him, and in that instant he was out of sight, the box taken with him.
There was left a stench to the air, however, of decomposing bodies and rot, that hung like a strong cloud tugged on by the wind.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Tzuvy - 02-18-2018


Luche was near tears as she frantically searched around for the lost parcel. Her whimpering was audible even over the den of chattering beings around her as the dizzy she-devil meandered towards where she thought the thing had landed. Under better circumstances, she would have greeted Sem more proper-like; as it was, though, her panic was swiftly approaching critical mass.

As if that wasn't enough, the klutz swore she saw where it landed, and maybe someone grabbing for it, but by the time she got there the only thing was a nasty smell. But it was something to focus her attention on beyond her discomfort -- and more importantly, it gave a trail for her to follow. Sem was sort of forgotten in her fright as the clumsy demoness shouldered her way through the throng of bodies.

With nothing else to go on, Luche tried her best to track the source; even with the thinned crowd, though, that was no simple feat. Several times, she went the wrong way, or got stuck for a moment when a particularly dense patch of beings (or just one big bastard) passed by, but the ditz managed somehow to backtrack quickly to pick up the scent again.

After so many twists and turns that it would've made her little brain spin if she'd tried to keep track, Luche thought she was coming close. The stink was nearly overpowering, but her fear of reprisal was stronger, especially with the choker blinking threateningly as it was.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Kazetatsu - 02-19-2018


Sem thought that he saw something with the package, but the singularity didn't have a good enough view within the throng to identify who or what it was but it sure smelled putrid.

He stayed put as Luche rushed past, observing her singular focus on recovering the package.

Sem simply blinked. Why was it so important anyhow?

Knowing how demons could get, it was probably a waste of time to search for the parcel, yet somehow he found himself trailing after the clumsy demoness.

The shifting crowds didn't give him much of an opportunity to close the distance. The option to just consume anything that got in the way did cross his mind but the package wasn't that important to him. The option to just walk away was strong to but he was actually curious as to what this was all about.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - 000 - 02-19-2018

The scent trail eventually lead to a dead-end alleyway, but all was not lost!
A careful examination would reveal a hole concealed behind a pile of imp-ridden carcasses, where on the other side lay a dark room.
A small candle flickered in the darkness, where on the edge of the light that was cast there crawled somewhat large centipedes with grossly oversized jaws, their translucent carapaces overtaken by black mold.
Further into the light, right beside the candle, was the box, unopened--seemingly untouched.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Tzuvy - 02-19-2018

Luche followed the scent as best she could right into the alleyway. A moment of anxiety washed over her when no obvious perpetrator was in sight. Sadly, dead bodies lying in the streets were nothing out of the ordinary, and it took her a while longer to discern the location of the headier plant-like rot smells from behind the sulfuric scent of decomposing demon flesh as she looked the alleyway up and down for something, anything else.

Certain that the offending party was (somehow) behind the pile of dead imps, Luche carelessly tore the corpses from the entrance; while weak comparative to other hellspawn, she was nevertheless more than sufficiently strong to perform the task with ease. Without even a second's thought, she plunged into the hovel... only to get stuck halfway through.

And the stupid box was laying just out of her reach too...

The clatter of something menacing nearby further heightened her panic, and the ditzy demoness began to frantically writhe around, trying to squeeze herself -- wings & all -- through the opening. With frustration added to the equation, her body began to steam until it erupted into hellfire, the unnatural energy sufficient to eat away at enough of the remaining brickwork.

With an unceremonious *plop!* Luche finally sprawled into the room, belly-crawling across the ground to get at her prized package. Only a moment's consideration was given to dimming the hellfire so as not to harm the box before she grabbed it in one hand, turning to crawl back outside.

RE: Topsy-Turvy - Kazetatsu - 02-20-2018


By luck or by fortune Sem managed to catch up eventually. Luche looked like an idiot crawling through a hole that seemed too small to fit through.

Sem just stood outside awkwardly and watched. "why are you going through all this trouble?" He asked. The parcel couldn't be that important after all. It was also clear that Luche wasn't having the easiest time at this.

Even though it wouldn't harm him, habit (and conditioning among his former favored haunts) prompted Sem to step back a bit when Luche caused things to really go up in flames.

Okay... he hadn't expected that.