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BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Abeo - 12-26-2017

Previously, on Abstract Reality....

Abeo frowned as the portal she had been creating instantly fizzled out. The place was reeking even more, and the half-Daemon detested every second of being exposed to the holy light. A voice mentioned making things easier, which only resulted in the area being less blinding. The presence nearby disgusted the raven-haired child, and the words alone were insulting and belittling enough.

Malik suddenly disappeared, adding to the suspicion of the Daemon. Was he taken away to be protected, or punished? Either way, she hoped the exposure to her corruption would have done enough to have some effect on him, even if it would not flare up right away. Her thought process was once again interrupted by the unseen presence, that was definitely there. Abeo could only guess that the being was hiding itself somewhere in the pure, imprisoning light.

“Depends on your definition of riot. To me, I simply had a bit of fun,”
Abeo replied aloud, copping a smug grin in response. If she was not allowed to do as she pleased, she would not allow some cowardly, hiding force to belittle her from the shadows… er… light. “And who would you be? Glitter Man’s godly boss… the holder of his leash? The hierarchy of angels is an interesting one. A bunch of lower beings serving a powerful god. If they don’t follow the rules, they’re tainted, punished, killed, and are gone~”

Yes, she talked a lot. She knew that, but she had nothing else to do. If the unseen one was going to keep her here, she would have to put up with the annoying chatter and jabs of the disgusted half-Daemon.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Kazetatsu - 12-26-2017

Vesstali Tamai

She waited patiently for Abeo to finish her little speech. Afterwards she waited silently for a few moments.

"So be it, The fate you think the tainted receive here, shall be granted to you as promptly."

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Abeo - 12-27-2017

“Idiot. That doesn’t answer my question,” Abeo muttered, narrowing her eyes as she tried to focus in on where she most felt the presence of this new holy being. All she wanted to know was who the holy being was. The fact that the being was still belittling her pissed off the half-Daemon more and more. Even Glitter Man was no longer around… this was no longer any fun.

Clenching her teeth, the Daemon still chose to respond to the entity, at least to distract her while she sought to find a way out. “Except, I’m not your servant, so what subjects me to their fate?” Abeo asked, forcing a grin despite her disgust and displeasure. She once more tried to open a portal that would lead her straight to Necropolis… to safety.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Kazetatsu - 12-27-2017

Vesstali Tamai

Present, and strong, she seemed everywhere and anywhere except wherever Abeo chose to look, blowing away the attempt to escape like it was naught but a feeble candle flame. Abeo must be frustrated right now, both that she wouldn't let the girl leave, and that she wouldn't answer her questions. That was all well for the moment.

"the answers are here if you will let yourself see them."
"But I don't think you actually want to. do you?"

Vessa's identity and more were not things that needed to be spoken. These things could be known if Abeo would look at them without filters. Those filters of course were likely all that let Abeo stand here without finding this realm even more of a hell than she already was.  

"Turn around Abeo."

The command was simple, responding to the girl's apparent desire to see the Goddess.  She was waiting for Abeo but not in the way Abeo might expect to see a holy being. It was not in the blazing fury of presence, nor in the light of the terrain. There was a cold stillness which had formed in the moment of that command. It didn't need to be filtered.

There was a lady, a mother, a mother who's boy Abeo had taken not long prior.

"she awaits her child."

The goddess did not expect Abeo to feel any sort of remorse, nor were such feelings necessary in this case.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Jay - 12-29-2017

I dared not speak while Lady Vesstali delivered her divine judgement.

No, instead, I manifested behind the Daemon. A sword of Light and heavenly power sat rooted in the ground in front of me. My expression was as it always was - unfeeling, marble, and set. Still, the abomination's claims irked me in a way most primal. It dared to speak of the tiered Heavens as if it understood its intricacies. No. No monster like this would understand the Light.

It took every ounce of self control to not smite the offending cretin down where it stood.

When Lady Vesstali began to dredge up elder memories of this creature's past deeds, I began an Empyrean tradition; a light chanting in Celestial that filled the very 'air' of the plane. It was a coaxing of the Lady's Light, to praise it, to make it brighter and show its truth to the denizens of darkness and depravity. It was both weapon and cheer, simultaneously.
Elysian Archangel
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RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Abeo - 12-29-2017

The grin on Abeo’s face turned to one of her pure irritation and disgust with the heavens and the speaking being. The child Daemon despised the belittling, and her anger was increased due to the consistency of the nearby light. The being refused to answer the Daemon’s questions, and instead continued to rub in the irritating, narcissistic chatter.

The Daemon turned on command, expecting to see the horrible pure deity, but was met only with the image of a mortal; a familiar one she had wounded earlier. “Too bad. Her child’s nothing but a corpse. She’ll have to return to Delmarsh to find it,” Abeo spat. Normally, she would have used the words as a means of play and taunting. Now, however, she was livid. This holy being was toying with her now.

Around the same time, another presence formed behind her as she turned, one that was bright and holy as one would expect of an angel. Naturally, Abeo could only assume that this being was the one who had been speaking to her. The angel began chanting, which triggered Abeo to back away, so that she could view both the angel and the human mother. Abeo refused to say another word, not wishing for another belittling jab to come from the holy being. They would grow bored of their sick game eventually… hopefully.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Kazetatsu - 12-29-2017

Vesstali Tamai

But that wasn't true was it?

Vessa had never been referring to a corpse. She'd been referring to a different essence of being, a thing living beings who had any possibility of a spiritual existence possessed, a thing upon which beings like Abeo preyed upon all too easily, a very specific child's soul.

Slender threads in the daemon's being began to move, small and separated though they might be.  Normally unable to affect one another, they possessed no conscious, no presence that stood apart from the whole. The light, as one with a audible call, reached to them at the finest level, connecting bits across multiple levels of spiritual time and space regardless of distance and scale.

Abeo would likely find this uncomfortable, if not from the resonating spiritual bits in herself, than from the light around her. This reached through the daemon's aura and self as if it wasn't even there. Vessa was being incredibly gentle. If not for how much of Abeo's being was seeped in evil, it might have been painless. Instead it might feel like an itch, or even pure agony.

The work was precise, and did not otherwise take from the whole, as infinitely small tendrils of light from the ambiance of the plane itself drew out child's soul from the mesh. Once freed, the minuscule threads of soul unified, twisting together into the whole they had been before.

A silhouette of light wrapped around the child's soul, holding it like a babe. This light was brighter than the surroundings such that details within were completely concealed, at least to Abeo's sight. Aside from that, it wasn't significantly greater than the rest of the energy of the plane. It was the first sight Abeo would get to have of the goddess who had been speaking to her so far.

Yet she did not seem focused on Abeo in the slightest.

Vesstali cradled the soul gently, gliding to the specter of the mother, and placing it to be held in those waiting arms.

The trio vanished, leaving the amorphous presence once again as the Goddess's incarnation in this place.

There were many more to restore.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Abeo - 12-29-2017

Abeo knew good and well where the child’s soul actually resided. It was inside of her own, well digested and sewn throughout her astral makeup. Still, once eaten, she doubted there was any way to get it back. The Daemon truly knew almost nothing about what she was, but some things remained clear and true-- souls were delicious, and she grew more powerful when she ate them.

While human souls rarely offered much in the way of power, they were at least a tasty snack. That, and the expressions of the local humans as she devoured the child’s soul were unforgettably funny~

There was no response to the venomous words of Abeo, though. Only a sudden rush of pain from deep within her. Abeo grimaced, clenching her teeth and folding her hands close to her chest as she tried to withstand the sensation of penetrating, painful light from within. Eventually the strings of a soul would leave the Daemon’s body, and form into something whole and complete once again.

Her breathing was labored after the separation of the soul, mixed with the heavy light in the atmosphere. It was only then that the Daemon noticed the goddess cradling the soul and giving the child’s essence back to the woman. If Abeo had been able, she would have used her aura to rip them to shreds, or had turned into a giant monster to feel them die under her claws.

But here, she would have no such luck. The fact that the holy being managed to pry away an already-consumed soul baffled the child Daemon. Just what could this person do?
She no longer wanted to linger and find out. This was no longer fun and games. Weakly, Abeo reached an arm out to try forming another portal to Necropolis. The suffocating light likely would allow no such thing, however.

“Fuck you,” Abeo hissed at the holy presence the instant the trio disappeared. Both the angel and that constant presence remained-- shaming her, breaking her.
This was a nightmare. This was hell.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Kazetatsu - 12-29-2017

Vesstali Tamai

Abeo was going nowhere yet.

The Goddess turned her attentions on the daemon once again, this time to the next victim's soul in reverse chronological order.

"you're turn Brother Rochoole" She called a soul by name, her voice dropping into a low bellow that made up a dragon's name.

The deep spiritual resonance called him out much the same as she had for the child, the name acting as a catalyst so she could bring out every particle and bind them together in fire as was appropriate for a dragon of his kind.

A Draconic apparation waited for him, to guide him to his proper place as had been done for the babe.

RE: BLAZING VERDICT -- private - Jay - 12-29-2017

I stood vigilant, my form towering over the plane. Hums echoed from my body, all directed toward the souls being guided into Elysium's embrace.

Oaths of protection were final.
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