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Quote:Time to put the "punk" back in steampunk!

Here lies the small advertisement for a possible Sonlas gang in the making.
If you are interested, feel free to @ me in the site's chat server.

The gang's general theme is modern dromaeosaurids--raptors--but characters outside this family and genre are welcome.
Characters can be as naturally built or humanized as their players wish (or enhanced, mutated, etc. in other ways), and function as realistically or fantastically as they so desire (this is Sonlas, after all).

The gang's main goal is simply to hang around and have some good old mindless fun.
The members are more like a group of close friends than anything else, friends who just so happen to enjoy engaging in the destructive and illegal sides of life.

At the time of writing this, the gang is likely going to be barely established, perhaps even not at all, with their numbers limited mostly to player characters.
The idea is to start out small, perhaps somewhere on the fringes of Ravenfall (the steampunk capital), where they commonly commit acts of theft and vandalism, and overall just sticking it to the MAN.
The gang might acquire more members or territory, or they might end up flushed out by the city's police force--or even other gangs.
They might even just remain a simple group of friends who occasionally take part in various frowned-upon acts.
Below is an image featuring some dromaeosaurs and ideas for characters using them.
What's listed below are merely suggestions, and by no means have to be permanent aspects of the characters: if you choose to claim any, then you are free to change them to fit your play style or tastes.
More than one of any species or character type is allowed, and you may make your own outside what is listed.

[Image: Dromaeosaurs.png]

Austroraptor cabazai
graffiti artist + scrapper + trespasser
wields crowbars, metal pipes, spray cans, and the silent treatment
absent-minded, calm, independent/rebellious, quiet; doesn't listen very well, rarely talks; easy to mistake as deaf or mute

Microraptor gui
lockpicker + magician + medic + sneak + spy
wields a bit of shadow or wind magic and charisma
assured, careful, sly, trickster; kind of an ass

Deinonychus antirrhopus
mechanic + scavenger + trapper
wields tools, a wheellock pistol, and common sense
keen eye, steady hands; sometimes dissident or a wet blanket; likes making things more than breaking them

Dromaeosaurus albertensis
strategist/tactician + thief
wields bats, boards with nails, etc., fists, and wit
ambitious, bold, bossy, stern, tough; foul-mouthed with "creative" curses; handles well under pressure; sometimes bites off more than he can chew; dislikes humans and most things similar to them (e.g. androids, dwarves, elves, gnomes...dolls), likes to bully them

Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
bruiser + robber + smasher
wields sheer bulk, heavy objects, and camaraderie
chill, content, hard-headed, lax, loyal, simple-minded; not always as easy to fool as one might think

Velociraptor mongoliensis
distraction + racer + scout
wields natural weapons and terrible comebacks
cheery, talkative; doesn't take certain insults well (and may confuse many different things as insults), yet more likely to storm off than get into a fight; easily distracted; fast even for a raptor; speaks in a foreign language very fast when flustered, mad, etc.; vicious when necessary, a mite sadistic
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