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Sonlas Rinyu Nilam, Draconic Inventor!
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I'm a roleplayer! I work part time, so I should have time to reply to lots'o things! Woo!

OOC Name: Pixel

Alignment: True Neutral

Character Sheet

Plot Page

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Species - Shade Wyrm

Sex - Female
Age - 27

Affiliation - Sonlas (Richu)


|Shoulder Height|

298 lbs

|Fur Color|
White underfur | Smoky top | Jade accents

|Physical Description|
Vague concept image - not perfect at all! For example, her neck is several feet longer And she doesn't have a weird crown with an egg.
[Image: oWnolW.jpg]
Link to Species
As a shade wyrm, Rinyu had a notably long, almost serpentine body - though her body was covered in fur as opposed to scales. Although some 19 feet long, she was a bit of a runt otherwise, her actual body width only coming to 14 inches in diameter. Her upper body fur was a smoky color with a more white fur tone on her underbelly and jawline, the white fur further accentuating her jade eyes. Naturally she has slitted pupils, and a pair of long whiskers of a similarly white color, though these whiskers ended in a fluffy jade fray of fur. Her triangular ears were pointed back, the tips colored in a jade tone as well. Along the sides of her body were thin jade accents on her fur, giving it more color and detail than plain dark-and-white. The accents formed gentle swirls and curves. Furthermore, a more fuzzy trail of fur along her spine had small tufts of jade fur poking out of it as well! Her tail ended in a very fluffy outburst of jade fur.

As for apparel, Rinyu might surprise people in the fact that she did, in fact, like to wear clothing despite being fully furred and the physique of her body. For casual wear, she usually wore something akin to a vest that held a variety of packs that she could easily access, a single one-handed firearm holster being one such thing. Since Rinyu's waist was several feet away from her arms, quickdraw from her waist would be impossible, after all! Her clothing was followed by a set of briefs around her hind legs and what passed for her waist. Around her waist, she also held a variety of packs and tools that she could carry with her. She usually had a set of goggles tailored for her head, either worn over her eyes or slid up closer towards her forehead. For more formal attire, she actually liked to wear a short dress and a long series of decoratie, colorful ribbons wrapped about portions of her body's length.

Explosions, fire, clockwork, honor, creativity, swimming, exploring, telescopes, milk

Disrespect, skepticism, discrimination, sticky things, crying, coffee

Though very passionate, Rinyu is not the type to be heavy-handed with her desires and addictions, typically keeping to herself about her career unless it's for business or someone expressly asks about it. Her mechanical ways would be easy to spot, however, given that she's likely to pull out any number of gadgets on her person to fidget with while she's bored. On that note, Rinyu can get bored very easily! So long as she has something to talk about or something interesting to listen to everything will be okay, but if she's left out of the loop the wyrm is more likely to let her curiosity get the better of her. Usually her curiosity can be put to good use on a gadget, but sometimes she might poke her nose where it doesn't belong. If both of the above fail her, she's likely to do something to distract herself, such as tap her claws on a table or poke at something with her tail rather than sit still and do nothing. Sitting still and doing nothing is just about impossible for Rinyu.

Raised both within one of the city-states of Sonlas as well as a sea about Sonlas itself, Rinyu is comfortable both around the water and in urbanized settings. Though she tries not to bring public attention to it, Rinyu follows a religion called 'Reverie,' a form of technocratic belief formed by studying magic fields emitted by certain objects.
Believers are under the impression these fields are divine spirits. This leads to followers of Reverie seeking out any such objects to enshrine and pray to for blessings.
Whether any of the above is actually true or not is difficult to tell.

|Short Story|
Rinyu was born to Ciyu and Kalm Nilam, her mother and father respectively. Rinyu had a rather fulfilling childhood, her parents bringing their child to and from one of the two major city-states of Sonlas and a sea in-between the territories of the two large city-states. The sea was known as the Onyx Mists, a series of small islands covered mists and volcanic activity, each contributing to the region's name. The Myst League, a community of glorified pirates who 'escorted' any travelers across the sea for a price, held control over the region. Neither major city-state was capable of diverting enough of a force to take control of the region so long as their cold war remained cold, given how the sea was otherwise disputed territory.

The League treated its close associates well, such as Rinyu's parents who often traded money for any seemingly useless trinkets the pirates happened upon. Ciyu and Kalm were followers of Reverie, so they found spiritual value in objects others may have found worthless. Besides being spiritual, Ciyu and Kalm were also inventors,
spending a great deal of time improving upon old ideas or struggling to create new things. It was sometimes cheaper to find materials in the wild or from the pirates at a better cost.

Now would be a good time to mention that Rinyu's parents were actually human - or half human, at least! Kalm was totally human, while Ciyu was using a powerful illusory spell to pass as a human, sent by a shade wyrm flight to investigate something regarding Sonlas and Kalm Love blossomed in an unexpected way, however,
and the half-wyrm Rinyu was born, inheriting some of the illusionary magic which her mother held. So, for all intents and purposes, Rinyu completely believed she was a pure-blooded human.

When Rinyu reached sixteen years of age, she was exposed to a bizarre event regarding another shade wyrm and a dimensional portal. The end result; her latent shade wyrm blood was supercharged, overtaking her body and transforming her fully into her mother's birthright. If that wasn't bad enough, her parents and the culprit all vanished, courtesy of that portal! Life moved on with Rinyu convincing some of her closest friends and her extended 'family' who were her parents' friends that she was, in fact, Rinyu. Though the determined girl adapted to the changes, she's as of yet found no traces of where her parents had been whisked off to. She's taken up their career path, making her living as a travelling inventor and mechanic, utilizing her ability to fly to travel to all manner of places. She still has an apartment and otherwise lives in her home city-state, however!


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