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Sonlas Glorious Domain of the Solar Queen
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The Glorious Domain of the Solar Queen
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A land like none other found in the world, let alone the land of Sonlas in which it was established. Indeed, it is a dimension to itself, the very laws of physics, magic, and the like are so different that crossing the border from Sonlas to this land is much like passing through a dimensional rift to an alien universe, so that even those who have even the barest senses of magic can detect it from miles out, and they would never mistake the inside of this realm for the forests that surround it, even in the areas that aren't too different from what might be found in the rest of the world. It is the personal domain of Kishar, and her words can twist this place to her liking even more so than outside of it.

At it's core, this land is a land where the rules of the universe follow laws alien to any but those from the land from which Kishar originates, but not only that, it was a land that was first created by her and then attuned to her will, giving her greater control over it, making it so that she need not even activate her prodigious magical abilities to make the realm conform to her desires to make more minor changes to it. If she brings the full might of her power to bear upon this place, then she can reshape the land, create beings, and more with her force of will. It appeared in less than a week after her arrival, so naturally those who had been here before would never have known of this place, despite how it seems like something that would have taken hundreds of years to build.

Her domain is a perfect circle with a diameter of 5.68 miles on the mark, the utmost limit of what she could claim as her own with one use of her powerful Sorcery. This radius is marked at five points by giant, gem-encrusted, orichalcum statues of herself integral to the magic that attunes this land to her will. They are nigh indestructible, and they heal themselves at the first light of dawn each day. They form a perfect pentagon inscribed into the circle of her territory, with one of the statues lying right between the center of the territory and absolute north. Each statue is distinct, and depict her in a variety of activities that represent her in each aspect of the Solar Exalted. The claim extends five miles above and below the center of her territory as well, creating a perfect sphere of altered physics. 

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Sorcerous Workings

Solar Sanctuary
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Shinmaic Communion
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The Immutability of Law
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A Manse is a powerful architectural wonder created to channel the vast powers of ley lines, known to Kishar as Dragon Lines. They are built in places where leylines cross, known as Demesnes, and they take in the vast amounts of magical energy there to power the magical features of the manse, as well as create what is known as a Hearthstone. Hearthstones are gems mystically linked to the Manses, and channel essence from them remotely either to provide power to artifacts that require large amounts of Essence, or to add to the owners ability to regenerate essence of their own. They also provide mystical abilities to their owners, and thanks to how rich the leylines are in the area she created, these powers, as well as the manses and essence supplied by these stones, are quite powerful indeed. There are currently five Manses in her territory, though if she were to sculpt new demesnes from the Geomancy in the area, more would be able to be created if she finds the need for them.

Radiant Palace of the Exalted Rulers (Center)
Located at the absolute and geomantic center of the Domain, the palace acts as the center of the manse-network that she has created within, channeling power from the other manses that they did not need to power its grand features and numerous abilities. These connections allow the control room within this manse to coordinate systems in the other manses without any issue as well. However, instead of being operated by Kishar or one of her created servants, the network is operated by a fully sentient artificial intelligence inherent to the manse structure itself. The AI goes by the designation of Enki-II, and is perfectly loyal to it's creator, who treats the AI well and is responsible for its intelligence surpassing any mortal being alive.

It's appearance is that of a glorious, golden tower, and the glare that comes off of the panels appears to shimmer in the colors of the Twilight. It reaches over a mile high at its tallest and is quite large around the base, decorated as if it were some sort of Gothic building, with buttressing coming off of the tower. Two notable support towers that reach halfway up the tower have complex mechanisms that cover them to ferry and aim powerful Essence Weaponry that can lob enormous blts of essence that are powerful enough to destroy anything foolish enough to be within 50 feet of where it lands. These can fire up to 3.4 thousand yards away, and can rotate to hit anything within that distance of the tower between them.

The architecture on the inside seems to match the aesthetic on the outside at first glance, but it is far more advanced that it seems at first. For one, it has magical elevator systems that allow a person to travel between floors in no time at all, doors to all of the rooms open automatically if you are authorized to be there by the system governed by the artificial intelligence, the place is automatically lighted, and magical intercom devices allow you to talk to anyone else inside, including the AI, by addressing them then beginning to speak. If you have permission and ask the AI, then lighting on the floor can guide you along the fastest path to your destination...or keep you lost if you are an intruder and expect the AI to be friendly for some reason. Each room also has a delivery tube that allows items from other areas of the building to be brought to any room should you have the permission to do so by requesting them from the AI.

Rooms for all sorts of purposes and occasions are in this tower, and it is easily capable of hosting any event under the sun that it's mistress could ever need to or wish to hold. Several floors are dedicated to the private living quarters of both her and Shinzo each, and are lavishly decorated and furnished with anything they could ever desire. Automatic kitchens dot the living areas of the tower which are what contain the various denizens of her realm, with room for many more of her creations or mortals to move in. The kitchens even provide the food for everyone, without needing to harvest any. All of it is artificially grown in genesis labs on a number of floors in the manse and transported throughout.

Areas of note include the Library, which is a multi-floor facility with books being added to it every day thanks to the discoveries that both Enki-II and Kishar add to the network by means of the automatic recording devices incorporated into the labs throughout the manse-complex. These are automatically inscribed into books that are added to the archives, and any book on any subject can be retrieved through the search and retrieval system built into it. The main laboratory complex is between the floors designated for her residence and the residence of Shinzo, and within it is a powerful geomantic device that reduces the strain that sorcery puts on her so long as she is in the complex. 

Other devices within this laboratory complex include a portal to the pure chaos of the wyld that she is working to convert into a passage back to Creation, the controls to the weather control devices that regulate the weather patterns within her realm, a device that retrieves things from her rather large stores of items that she keeps in the non-space known as Elsewhere. There is also a cabinet that leads into a pocket dimension that allows her to run simulations of how certain things would affect societies when introduced, or anything else of that sort as it acts as a simulation world that she can speed up or slow down to observe what might happen under theoretical circumstances. 

Hearthstone: Gem of Perfect Mobility, carried by Kishar.

Auspicious House of Celestial Motions (North)
Set to the north of the main manse, exactly 5 miles and exactly north of it, is another manse, this one of a much different design and rather smaller, but still quite grand. It is the size of a medieval manor that would make grand nobles quite jealous at just the size, let alone the design and features that it offers. It appears as what seems to be a rather large victorian manor, but with one major difference besides the sheer size of the building, that being a rather large observatory tower worked into one of the spires. 

From the outside it appears to be an opaque dome, but from the inside it is completely transparent, with arcane star charts dotting the ceiling for reference that are able to be made more or less visible at will. It has all sorts of astrological instruments inside, and incorporated within are a number of tools and such to make the working of fate much easier for anyone skilled in it also incorporated is an access point to the same extradimensional stash that the main manse has access to. It also has a little prayer shrine that can allow someone to remove all fatigue by praying at it and giving a small sacrifice. Finally, any book that is in the main archive can be read to someone within.

Also incorporated into the area around the manse are two bays that normally are hidden or shut, but should enemies be detected, two weapons like the ones on the main building come out of the ground to attack enemies that dare to approach. Other than these things, it acts as a very well designed and lavishly furnished and stocked house, served by a number of the residents of the main tower who are in Shinzo's specific employ. As a note, the interior design is very reminiscent of what a person from earth might recognize as Victorian Bordello style, which was done at Shinzo's behest.

Hearthstone: Gem of Perfect Mobility, owned by Shinzo.

Glorious Atelier of the Primordial Chaos (East)
To the east of the main complex the same distance away as the other auxiliary manses lies the Glorious Atelier. From a distance, it appears to be a completely featureless dome of gold surrounded by a few rather drab buildings of the same material, just auxiliaries to the main dome. One of them is bigger than the rest, and they are connected by a long circular hallway surrounding them. The entire complex appears to be half a mile in diameter including the various small buildings around it. On top of the dome is a rather large looking turret that also is equipped with two large essence weapons like what are installed on the other manses. 

However, what is truly spectacular about this manse is what is within the golden dome, it is an area where the very basic laws of reality can be ignored, sidestepped, or changed at will, allowing for truly strange experiments on the very nature of reality. Within the dome, things that break the very nature of what one would expect to be possible can exist. This nature causes the entire complex to allow itself to stabilize and even repair any damage done to it. Other features include the a suite of devices to record and control the experiments and send them back to the main manse, access to the elsewhere storage, and automatically opening and closing doors along with adaptive lighting.

Hearthstone: Seven Leaping Dragon Stone, carried by Shinzo.

Resplendent Factorium of Solar Wonders (South)
Appearing like a giant factory complex made out of the same materials as the main manse, this manse serves one main purpose, that being a home for a magitech workshop as well as a massive factorium that can mass produce artifacts of all but the highest qualities. It is hooked up to her elsewhere retrieval device, allowing it to draw materials from there and deposit the artifacts that it makes in there as well. The factory is flanked by towers with the essence weapons that the other manses have as well on top of them. It is also the same distance away as the others, but this time to the south of the main manse. Tools for recording research and transmitting it to the main manse are also built in to it. 

Hearthstone: Stone of Inhuman Beauty, carried by Shinzo

House of the Most Exalted Genesis (West)
The House appears as a large laboratory complex with the same strange material as the main manse making it up, flanked by the same types of towers as the Factorium. It serves as a laboratory and production facility for artificial life like what inhabits the land and serves Kishar. As usual, it is wired with data retrieval and playback devices for use in research and relaying to the library in the main manse. It has the a number of conveniences such as automatic doors and other small things to help make her research a bit easier. Once again, it has access to her elsewhere storage device as well, allowing an authorized person to retrieve items from it and use the lab in general, though only those who are trained in the arts of genesis are likely to be able to use it without failing miserably. 

Hearthstone: Seven Leaping Dragon Stone, carried by Kishar.


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