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Sigils - Magic

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Sigils are a form of written code that can be used to manipulate and imbibe whatever they are written upon with unusual to undoubtedly supernatural properties.

The creation process is like a form of Calligraphy. Only marks written in very specific ways are capable of producing supernatural effects. Sigils must be written in specific styles of cursive script, and cannot be written in the common roman alphabet, similar scripts, or scripts that lack a cursive variation. The mindset of the writer must be completely focused on the Sigil being made. To be distracted is akin to making a mistake. In most cases Sigils must be written on the surfaces they are meant to directly alter, and do not work on non-writable surfaces.

A work around to this is to place a sigil on sticker paper, and write it in such a way that the sticker creates the required changes to an object.  The effects of a sticker are generally weaker and more limited than the same marks written on an object directly, but are useful for emergencies or when something needs to be done quickly, and the Sigil writer knows ahead of time.

A single flaw in the writing process completely voids the sigil, requiring a complete restart on a fresh surface. A flawed sigil will not cause any effects whatsoever and is just writing without supernatural potency. Once complete a sigil is pretty hardy, and can tolerate many attempts to mar it without ruining its magic.

The creation process for Sigil making is not actually magical, and simply requires a means to write them, an intense attention to detail, and significant practice, and the right kind of mediums for the sort of Sigil being written. A completed working Sigil may or may not produce a magical signature.  

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