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Loner - 01/19/2018
A small gap appeared in the world through which a simple pen slipped out. Finding the nearest thing to write on the pen covered the paper it found in markings and symbols, A sigil text. from there the paper tore and ripped creating, for lack of a better term, a ghoulish paper  face.

But he wasn't alone. A startled and rather upset woman stared at him. not that he cared much who she might be. "sorry lady. I'm on a mission." No he wasn't sorry at all. In fact he liked to scare folks this way at times, but as he said he had a mission. Even if he was stuck with one lousy sheet of parchment to represent his form, he intended to complete it.    (was considering pulling this off solo, but that's not as fun)

XARXU - 01/19/2018
He always seemed to be in the right place, at the right (or arguably wrong) time, to be around to see things that were unusual happening.

Now was no different.

Maximillion felt the warmth enveloping his body before he was aware of it, and he suppressed the energy that wanted to explode around him, willed it to remain suppressed, to avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention. He walked towards the strange, ghoulish paper face that hovered in mid air, perhaps letting his overwhelming curiosity overcome his good sense; though he felt uneasy around the thing, his body was already moving towards it, and he was feeling the unusual urge to try and touch it.

He didn't touch it, though. As a general rule, whether entities were artificial or biological, he didn't just go around touching people's faces.

Pausing a few steps away, the man - dressed in a simple vest with what looked like khaki pants, his long black-brown hair laying in long, wavy curls, his trimmed beard framing an otherwise rugged, plain but young-looking face - canted his head a bit to the side as he looked at the face.

"What....are you?"

Loner - 01/19/2018
The paper flipped around moving as if the face was attached to a body of some sort before hovering above a writing desk. "What does it look like I'm paper and a pen." He began inscribing a new sheet in the same sort of way as the first, the pen moving around of seemingly its own accord. It would be good if he had a little more than a face to work with. "Well actually I'm an anomaly looking for a glowstick. Intel say's its around here somewhere, and you're not it."

XARXU - 01/19/2018
"Interesting. Now, explain it to me like I'm an extremely resourceful and helpful guy, and need to know what the hell you're talking about in order to help you."

He would make a grab for the pen and, if he touched it, would try and send a gentle psionic 'pulse' (like psychic 'sonar') along it, to sense if there was an invisible physical body to the being, or if it was truly just a face hovering in mid air. If that succeeded, he would quickly let go of the pen without any further ado, not actually taking it away.

Loner - 01/19/2018
The paper mask uttered a curse as the man attempted to handle the pen. Distractions distractions. It meant he'd have to start over with the sigil. There wasn't actually an invisible human body yet, but there was a bit of something there, a warping of space, as slight malicious energy. The paper crumpled up on its own, and caught flame so that the unfinished one could not remain to be examined by the locals, though the masked being did not start on a new attempt to recraft any additions to the paper body yet. The paper face smiled. "Seems like lady furball was right about running into you. Mean's I'm on the right track." He laughed. "As I said I'm look on' for glowstick. Blond hair blue eyes. Glows in the dark, and probably lives around here given the evidence. Got business w/Im."

XARXU - 01/19/2018
For a moment, Maximillion seemed preoccupied with whatever might be the 'science' of what the man was doing.

"You are creating yourself, and yet... no, that's not quite right. You must exist primarily in an alternate plane, and you're creating a form for yourself, perhaps as a measure to adapt to the.." he scratched his chin, pensive expression on his face as he searched for the term. "...well, the stuff the air is made of and whatnot. Like how a spirit from the spirit world may inhabit a vessel in order to move around and experience the physics of a parallel world. Is it something like that?"
There was a part of him that wondered at the slight danger vibe he got from the entity, but perhaps his strong constitution made him a little more willing to shrug off his worries in favor of the analysis, or moreso than most people would be.
"If you are having to take measures to give yourself physical form, then you might have a rather interesting and formidable presence." That could mean anything from appearance, to raw power, or both, depending upon how one interpreted it.
"I will wait for you to finish doing.." he gestured with a hand at what the 'man' was doing, with the paper, and the fire, and the ink and whatnot. "....whatever that is."

Loner - 01/19/2018
"Ping bong!" He exclaimed as in a way the man was correct about his nature. "But no. I'm not from an alternate plane. I am one. The Paper's just a way so you'll wrap you're mind around it, and have some idea what to look at."  But the pen resumed writing. As long as it wasn't touched then he'd be able to build a body out of the pages, and not turn to burning the evidence. Hands formed and spindly paper arms that loosely wrapped around a mysterious darkness that grew to fill the loose wraps. He wasn't gonna make a full body out of it. Just enough to bind to a humanoid form even if he looked like a spindly stick person.

XARXU - 01/19/2018
"You mind find there's a great deal I can wrap my head around." He'll dimensions since he was old enough to toddle, absorbed memories and personalities of hundreds of people, requiring the work of powerful telepaths to even find himself again, existing in multiple parallel world's that seemed to mirror each other, yet with separate cosmic Laws and physics, and an endless barrage of the unknown over an indeterminible number of years, because each parallel world's 'tome' moved differently...

"But whatever, I will respect your thoughts on the subject. I kind of wish I could come up with a form for you I have some knack for things of an artistic nature. Is it something a creative hand can do, or is there a specific way it has to be done? I mean, shit, I could have deep philosophical conversations with you if you took on the form of bird plop on pavement....I really shouldn't say whatever in my head."

He chuckled nervously.

"Anyways, your 'glowstick' mention. What is your business with glow sticks here?"

"And don't forget, the offer to help you come.up with a neat humanoid form still stands."

Loner - 01/19/2018
He laughed. "This is a stopgap. I don't intend to stay. This place ain't my groove. so my looks don't need to be fancy."  He really was a city-boy in comparison to what was available out here. He liked his access to tech and the net.

"As for glowstick. I'll save my business for when I find that slacker." If that sounded a little aggressive well, he had a little one to pick with Malik. His temporary paper guise complete, he slipped away from the desk. It might be kinda rude but he could do the searching on his own.

Loner - 01/22/2018
The paper-wrapped figure made an attempt to slip past the man and further into the manor. He knew his way could easily be blocked but his step had a swagger that was meant to dare the man to try.

XARXU - 01/22/2018
Maximillion was in front of him again, suddenly as if he had been in this new position the entire time, though both knew he probably hadn't been. He raised one of his thick arms, and held a flat palm in front of the man, a gesture indicating for the man to halt his progress.

"I'm not sure you understand. I know a little of the multiverse, but our rules apply here. One of such rules is that you must wait for him to come of his own accord, and another rule is that he is under my protection. I'm sure you're a formidable fellow, and I have no desire to create conflict where there needn't be any, but that's a charge I take rather seriously. I can only imagine what could happen if I let just anyone who charged in here do as they please."

Loner - 01/22/2018
The paper-wrapped figure crossed his arms, rolled his head, (because a paper face lacked the necessary expression to roll eyes), and leaned against a wall. Rules Rules. they were no fun, especially the avoid conflict one. "Look man. That way's slower, and a lot less effective, so sit back and let me handle glowstick my own way."

XARXU - 01/22/2018
Maximillion's eyes took on a certain quality that made those unusual eyes seem somehow colder, sharper.

"I'd rather you didn't push your way in here. I will make inquiries. Beyond that, we have some very nice accommodations here you can enjoy while you wait."

His tone, normally either flat and impassive or warm and gentle, was now one that brooked no argument. Unlike his usual tones, it might have held a bit of the quality it once held when he had led armies, knew what needed done, and would accept nothing that fell short.

"We have forms of sustenance that are fitting for carbon-based entities, as well as Ethereals, Elementals, and other such beings. Tell me what you'd like to enjoy while you wait, and I will see if we can provide it."

Meanwhile, he would send a telepathic communication through the vast expanse of the mansion, and somewhere, in the distance, he felt a response, a "Yeah, I'll do it, jeez" and someone in the other end of the mansion - one Reidh Thorljottson - went to look for Malik.

Loner - 01/22/2018
Goddamit. This wasn't supposed to be an extended mission. All he wanted to do was find the glowstick Thanks to a little trick of his sigilwork to make a dowsning tool embedded in the makeshift wraps, he already knew where he ought to look. Two floors up and several doors down, in a medium sized room. He could even tell more specifically if his target was in the middle of the room or along an edge, though he could not actually see into the room, and so he had no clue what else might be in it.

"seriously I don't need anything, except for you to let things play out as they will when push comes to shove." he replied, pissed and tempted to scrap the wraps, and resume his search in the proper location so he could quickly wrap up matters.  He didn't move yet, but he had no intention of waiting around long if it seemed like the time required for the trip was stretching too much like taffy.

Loner - 01/22/2018
After all this time Malik couldn't be just oblivious to his surroundings. He'd come further than to not know something was going on. Of course not everything that happened in the estate had to do with him, but this time the energies were familiar enough yet unlikely enough to warrant investigation. Rather than move yet, he began probing his energies towards the lower room so he could find out what was happening via spiritual senses.

XARXU - 01/22/2018
Reidh would eventually hone in on Malik's position. Perhaps the shifts in energy alerted him, or maybe he just knew his way around the mansion. For all anyone knew, he had an actively refreshing mental catalog of everyone in the mansion, and where they were at a given moment; however, that was unlikely. In any case, he happened to stop in the hallway outside of where Malik was, and to rap his knuckles loudly against the wall, a simply gesture of knocking to the naked eye, but the end result was loud enough to almost sound like someone quickly striking the wall with a fist.

"Boy! You're being summoned wherever the hell Max is. There's some knob over there who is trying to get past him. If you don't do something, they're like to come to blows! I'd hate to see Max wreck this place after finally getting it!"

With that, a wide grin spread along his face, and he snickered, his eyes narrowing to slits, and the pale yellow of his eyes flashing wildly.

"Come on out, boy! There's some fun to be had, besides!"
Meanwhile, Maximillion didn't budge from his position in front of the paper-face-man-guy-thing, and his arms were now folded over his chest, his stance and facial expression now less like a man, and more like a titanium wall.

"He is being alerted that he has a visitor. Will you take me up on my offer of refreshment, or will you be waiting without refreshment?"

Loner - 01/22/2018
It wasn't like the door was locked. Locked doors were meagar security in this place  where many of the residents had the power to knock the doors off their hinges. "sounds like you rather see this place come to blows huh?" Malik observed, as he slipped out of the room, keeping his actions nonconfrontational towards the messenger who he did not know well. "I know where they are." Not like anyone here could really hide from anyone after all.

Malik didn't rush, and headed down via a close staircase. Even taking his time he was sure to get there remarkably fast.
Sheut rolled against the wall, moving so the large man wasn't all in front of his face. "Didn't I tell you? I don't need to eat man." any partaking in refreshment by him was usually for show or novely's sake, not for other reasons. "besides' seems he's found me. that's kinda a new development." the bandaged guy kept a thin smile, though to him it wasn't all good news.

XARXU - 01/22/2018
"He has had great instruction, and he has a good head on his shoulders. Even if he had a completely inept teacher, he would still accomplish great things, and I don't consider myself an inept teacher. Not the best in the universe, granted, but it helps that I had teachers who were remarkable themselves."

He didn't know this one's game, or what they had to say to Malik, but it couldn't hurt to make it clear that the powers protecting Malik weren't just external, but Malik was quite formidable in his own right.

"I understand things are quite different for an Interplanar being, so I won't hold you to rules about domain and territory. That said, were you prepared to come to blows with me over this? I don't know what your business is, but I can't imagine anything that is that serious."


"To see something a little interesting happen?" Reidh replied to Malik's insinuation, and he cackled. "Oh HELL yeah, I'd love to see more action around here! I know Max could to, but he was brought up in civilized society to a large degree, so he will impatiently bide his time until he can mess something up. Me, on the other hand, I grew up in a place where only the powerful survived, and if you wanted to stay alive, you got the fuck out of the way when the Powerful started heading your way. Not to toot my own horn, but Max isn't the only one who can make fireworks, and I ain't talking about gunpowder, papers and myriads of colors in the sky."

Loner - 01/22/2018
"Uh-huh." He heard of course, but didn't care too much. So what if Glowstick was strong. It didn't change the paperman's objective. As to whether he would end up fighting or not, he didn't bother to say. The lanky paper figure just let himself relax and wait, preparing for the show to come.
"So thats it." Malik noted. Good to have a confirmation on a few things he had already suspected. That Maximilion was restless. Maybe there was a remedy for that, one that didn't end up with setting the estate on fire in the process.

But now he was at the right door. Time to find out what all this was ultimately about so he entered the room.

"Malik! Good to see you!" The paper man greeted with wide open arms and a smile made creepy against the makeshift paper face.

Then he slugged Malik nice and hard.

It was clear Malik could have responded to it based on subtle muscle movements that clearly proved that the lad could see the blow coming from miles away. That it struck home was not accidental in the slightest. Power wise, the blow wasn't particularly strong. Some humans could punch harder and that was without spending time at the gym. So there was no need to evade it or bat much of an eye.

But also to follow was a verbal tirade. "How dare you continue to hole up here! I sent you tickets home for a reason you know. Instead you're practically living in luxury. So get back to sanctuary and make urself goddamn useful!"

XARXU [b]- 0[/b]1/22/2018
When the punch rang out, if one could have slowed time to a crawl, they might have seen Max's eyes, and even Reidh's eyes - a bit farther off - watching the movement of the blow as it was aimed at Malik.  They might have seen Max's eyes dart from the thrown punch, to Malik, to the span of the room, then back again a few times, even as everything else seemed to barely move in comparison. Fast forward the Matrix-style 'perception of time slowing', and the muscle in his jaw worked as he watched. His eyes were slightly aglow, which Reidh knew - and perhaps Malik knew, by now - that he was observing this on multiple optical spectrums, perhaps to make sure Malik wasn't in danger, but when the blow didn't do harm, Maximillion simply stayed put.

Hearing the bit about Sanctuary, Maximillion did then turn around, cocking an eyebrow at 'Paperface' as he was prone to be dubbed if he didn't introduce himself soon.  Not that I asked, he realized with a barely suppressed snort.

"Alright, alright, no horseplay in the house. Couple of things. First, who.." he jabbed a finger at the apparition. "...is this guy, Malik? And second.."

He turned to 'this guy', eyes narrowed slightly, the glow from his eyes still active.

"What am I to call you? Nothing like going to refer to somebody, and realizing you have no clue what to call them, to make it clear introductions were skipped."

"THAT is what you're concerned about?!" Reidh snapped, his eyes bugging out. "Some gauze bandage thingamawhatsit hits your boy Malik, and you want to know his name?!?"

He laughed then, as if he had just told a joke so funny, he couldn't help laughing himself.

"And I mean, seriously! I can't recall the last time I saw some boy decked by a wad of paper and bandages. Malik, if you can't dodge that shit, you're gonna need to revisit your training from the basics!"

Reidh, whether or not he could see into such things normally, had apparently missed the signs that Malik could have potentially dodged, or done something about the blow, and thought the boy had been smacked upside the head too fast for his reflexes to catch it.

Loner - 01/22/2018
The blow still hurt, but the pain didn't last. "Dude I don't remember you punching like a girl.... but I probably deserved it huh?" Malik noted, sending a glare to the redhead in the meantime. Malik could have avoided it. If that wasn't clear it would be apparent next time there was an actual spar. Otherwise Malik has to agree. The situation had turned hilarious. It was hard not to laugh.

"You deserve it alright!  You're the one who said how many times that you wanted to come back." Paperface challenged. "Whats keeping you? you chicken? Too comfortable here?"

Malik didn't answer any of the inquiries from the visitor yet. Instead he bothered to answer Max.  "This is Sheut. I was dorming with him the brief time I was in Eden." He gestured to paper-man with one hand as he spoke.

Paper-man on the other hand wore an exaggerated pout.

XARXU - 01/22/2018
Max darted an annoyed glance at Reidh, and muttered something under his breath, then turned to Sheut.  His expression seemed less intense, but still watchful. The dangerous edge has faded significantly, though.

"Sanctuary, is it? And well met, Sheut." He turned to Malik, a look that would have seem annoyed to most,but Malik would see the concern. There was an unspoken question in that look, but it remained unspoken.

"Sheut, was it? If you were old chums," he said the word 'chums' like it was alien to his mouth but used in place of wording that would've seemed more alien to the guest, "Why didn't you say as much?"

Loner - 01/22/2018
Sheut seized the opportunity to speak up.  "Yeah. Glowstick and I go way back." He began to explain.

Malik gave him a glare. "No we don't. We happened to share a space for a time." It was a one-sided friendship. With Sheut being 'friendly' but without fail finding ways to get under Malik's skin. It wasn't even all about things Sheut could change. The energy the bandaged anthropomorphic rift gave off had creeped Malik out from day one.

Malik crossed his arms. "So other than scold me what're you here for?" He challenged the bandaged one.

"Easy. I'm dragging you back to Sanctuary. You don't have the right to live all comfortable here while all the rest of eden us are playing our parts on the front lines."

That was some pretty big talk for someone who couldn't even throw a decent punch. Yet the paper-man's posture had become quite relaxed. He probably had a way to make good on such a claim.

XARXU - 01/23/2018
"I think Malik gets a say in the matter. I'd like to think I do too, but he's here of his own will, so he comes and goes according to his own will too. And Eden, you say?"

Maximillion nodded slowly, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"I did say I would aid Eden in their endeavors, but I heard that some work had to be done to help purge their records of my data as well as Malik's before we could make the choice to go back. What's the status on that?"

XARXU - 01/23/2018
When the presence touched down on the grounds of the Estate, Maximillion paused in what he was saying, and turned to Malik and Sheut. "I think someone is here, possibly for me. If it's alright, I will leave Reidh here to look after things until I return."

With that, he maneuvered through the great hallways of the mansion, down a flight of stairs, and came outside. He could feel the wind blowing strongly, and something inside of him flared to life, his eyes taking on their marigold glow that made his irises glow like twin suns. Someone impressive had just arrived here, and he had known it at once. The wind blew at his dark purple cloak and long, curly black-brown hair, and he slowly walked in the direction of the source of the shifting energies, a woman with blue eyes, a head shorter than Maximillion himself, and emanating formidable energy.
Reidh said nothing as Max left, far more interested in the conversation between Sheut and Malik than whatever that babbling windbag Max was going on about. His pale yellow eyes took in the two people, and he decided to come a bit closer, and join the conversation.

"Speaking of helping The Resistence, what could someone like myself do?"

Loner - 01/23/2018
Sheut rolled his head again. aquiring permissions sucked.  "How about this, you've been a lounge around do-nothing for long enough, that I say you're comming." At least he still didn't act on his words. so far it was only talk. "I can't say yur clean, but we're working on it sure. eden has enough safe spaces that you'll be able to exist, and the data's scrambled enough that you won't be picked out from the throng if you're concealing right." It wasn't all sheut's work but he was a node on  the record clearing machine at times.

The paper-man smiled as the large man decided to excuse himself on other business. Perfect. He could work more with those who remained. He sauntered on over to the redhead male, looking him up and down and sideways.  "you'll ll be a pain to hide. but get you in the right place and pull the right strings, and you could do a lot. The trick is dealing with the sanct tech. no one gets out of jail free with that stuff, but that's where I come in a lot of the time. " Sheut meant that no amount or type of potent supernatual ability was over looked in sanctuary's security, but he could do some things about that.

XARXU - 01/23/2018

[Reidh Thorljottson]
"Oh, I doubt you'd have any trouble finding something useful for me to do." He said with a grin of maniacal glee. He raised his right hand in the air, shifted his hand into three separately odd and complex gestures in a row, and suddenly the room seemed upside down. Reidh's hand held the last sign, and right now, the floor was just above them, the high ceiling now far below them, but they were standing on the air like it was still the ground.

"This is no illusion. If I wasn't binding the Laws of Gravity, we'd go crashing down there the instant shit got flipped."

He shifted his upraised hand into another sign, and things were back to normal. For good measure, he shifted it into one last sign, and some of the paintings on the walls, and one chandelier, suddenly broke free of what bound them to the wall or ceiling, grew eight legs apiece, then scurried around wildly, then disappearing somewhere down the hall, where screams and shouts of alarm could be heard. When he released that sign with his hand, there was the sound of heavy things crashing to the floor, and footfalls of servants scrambling around, probably trying to fix whatever it was Reidh fucked up with his little prank.

"Chaos. You might even call it high-scale Probability Manipulation. The highly improbable becomes probable, and vice versa. I can't sink a continent in an ocean, but even the smallest changes to the laws of physics can have unpredictable outcomes."

The whole time he spoke, his grin became wider and wider, his eyes narrowing more and more. By the time he was done, he might have hade a freakishly wide grin and a menacing glint to his eyes that would made him look like a bronze complected, red haired The Joker .

"So yeah, I can mess shit up. Easily."


"What the literal hell, Reidh?!"

Max was back, apparently, and he was staring daggers at his younger half-brother, the kind of look a casual observer might almost think could slice a person into ribbons.

"I leave for what, fifteen minutes, and you're already causing mischief? I would thank you to keep that business outdoors, and to not crush my staff with your shenanigans. I have already paid hefty fees for Healers to come and undo some of the damage you have done to my servants, I don't think it's a good idea to keep doing that."

He then turned to Sheut. His enhanced hearing had heard a lot of their conversation, before everything got loud and disruptive a bit further down in the mansion.

"He's useful, but he's a bit on the reckless side. If you're looking for something precise, deliberate, methodical and powerful, I might have what you're looking for. I already told someone I would aid your cause, and that remains true."

Loner - 01/23/2018
Sheut laughed. "what is gravity even?" It was a rhetorical question for he knew how gravity worked. Well he couldn't change the laws of another place like this but he didn't have to be beholden to the same physics as solid beings either.

Malik  was less pleased. He was actually beholden to gravity after all when he wasn't trying to fight it. He actually reacted as if he was going to fall, preparing to catch himself mid air if he had to.  "fuck." Sheut and Reidh were certainly going to end up in cahoots, and that meant trouble, big time.

but Sheut kept his grin even when things got 'righted' "Now Sanct has things to prevent that. reality fixers of sorts to keep stuff from being messed with. we gotta pull some strings with their rules first, but after that, we can really mess up shit." and boy was he looking forward to messing up shit. this was just the sort of distractions eden could use to pull off some of their tricks, keep  the enforcers looking at the wrong things.

And Max was back. Perfect. Reidh could keep his bro busy, or bring him allong for all Sheut cared. "in fact, you can help now!" He exclaimed.

Sheut went for Malik, using the paper wraps to try and grab the Nephilim while the dark space inside began to spread and fill the room creating a sizable rift to another dimension. The goal, get everyone who was coming, by choice or by force, inside, and then close the rift shut so he could ferry them all to eden.

of course it would be chaos. Malik could be a slippery soul, and Maxamillion had his share of abilities to fight with, but the room's relitively small size (despite high cealings) and the fact that sheut was already near the door, lessened the distance anyone could easily run. Plus he was betting on Reidh to help.

XARXU - 01/23/2018
[Reidh Thorljottson and Maximillion VonMitternacht]
Reidh and Sheut moved in sync. Even as Maximillion went to grab Malik and try to intercept Sheut's attempt to force Malik into the whirling vortex, Reidh had already twisted the fingers of both hands into complex patterns, so tightly and complex that his knuckles creaked, and gravity suddenly wasn't pulling them downward, but pulling them in the direction of the vortext. Maximillion would reach Malik, but feel the the effort of planting his feet now working against him, and was flying backwards. The vortex could have been evaded with some difficulty, but Reidh's efforts pretty much threw that away.

"GODAMMIT REIDH, YOU ASSHOLE, WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON ANYWAY?!?" Maximillion bellowed, and even as he felt him and Malik being pulled, he thrashed a hand out in Reidh's direction, trying to get his hands around his half-brother's neck. This was going too far!

"I swear on our ancestor Exodus, if we face death for your shenanigans, I will skin you alive and hang your hide to dry!!!"

It was an oddly nurturing gesture for the large ebony man, as he encased himself and Malik into a protective psionic barrier. He couldn't resist the drag, but he could make it so they would be safe within the barrier as they went through the vortex, and nothing should be able to attack or harm them by surprise.

With a growl, he sent a telepathic message outwards, with one last effort, and his twin sister Alena would feel his thoughts in her head, ~Reidh has went and fucked us again, barely have time to get this out. Sorry, but please look after things here for a bit! I promise I will make it worth your tim- ~ the connection was cut off as the vortex wrapped around the room, and those within it.

AlenaTepes - 01/23/2018
was busy dealing with the tickertape of the family. Paperwork as always when she got the message from Max. Causing her to stop whatever she was doing. "What the literal fuck!?" she cursed outloud ~Max! Max!~ She tried to reestablish the connection but got nothing. She growled as she began to destroy her office. Tears running down her cheeks as she made sure nothing would survive. Reidh's head will roll for this.

Loner - 01/25/2018
Malik wasn't helpless. The Nephilim managed to evade the reaching paper arms quite efficently without Max's help. He could even resist Reidh's tricks on his own to an extent, but everything was still happening quite fast. His energy flared to protect himself, but couldn't stretch his wings quite far enough to propell himself away, nor was he yet adept at moving quickly in close quarters. The odds of escape were not in his favor.  Too soon the border of the other world slipped past the edges of his vision, and the room allong with all its furnishing's disappeared from sight.

From the outside, Sheut disappeared, catching his bandages aflame as he left, so that no connection to Eokia remained for the time being. He wouldn't appear within the other world as well because he practically was the other world. He didn't need to have an avatar of any sorts within himself.

The landscape therein was trapped in still twilight which crackled with tension much like the calm before a storm. Dusty grey-purple earth, was generally flat, with strange shadowy skeletons of plants taking root here and there along the way between lumpy missmatched rocks. The land was a bit of a dump as well, with entrophied bits of trash and debris scattered here and there on the ground. In the distance there was a large dark building-like structure which stood in tatters along the horizon.

There was no actual danger to be found quite yet. Infact asside from the ones brought into the dim shadowy world there were no signs of flesh and blood life at all, as far as the eye could see.

Malik was quite pissed, his energy glowing as a beacon in this dim hostile world. "when I get my hands on that jerk, I'll throttle him." Not exactly something a being of light would say casualy. Of course he couldn't do any throttling of Sheut now. This was 'Sheut's  chessboard' That mummy was the rules here.

XARXU - 01/25/2018
"This is...less than ideal."

The violet glow around Malik and Maximillion would shimmer briefly, then it would release Malik to come to rest solely on Maximillion, the barrier around Malik giving way to the lad's own photokinetic energies. He gave one momentary glance back at the way they had come, something barely perceptible moving between where they were, and the chamber they had been in just before the portal had appeared, and then he looked forward again, as Reidh seemed to appear out of thin air some feet up, dropping to the ground.

The redhead had barely found time to land before he was suddenly flat on the ground in the wake of a loud crashing sound, debris flying wild around the fallen redhead as he smacked down hard on the ground. There was no sign of what caused it, other than Maximillion raising the fist of his left hand and rubbing the knuckles, his eyes glittering angrily. He muttered something barely coherent, the words "...meant what I said..." just audible, but as Reidh pulled himself shakily from the ground, dusting himself off, and now sporting some bruises where his face had been smashed into the ground, his snort indicated he had heard whatever it was. His bruises were already healing by the time he was back on his feet, and that shit-eating grin was back on his face before he had even fully straightened.

"So," Maximillion said, looking to Malik.

"What is this shit?!"

Loner - 01/25/2018
Malik wasn't pleased with Reidh either but he still flinched slightly. Maximilion was showing an especially harsh side of himself right now.

Malik looked around some more, taking note of the bland desert-like terrain. "Somewhere of Sheut's" He  answered, unable to hide his own irritation for the moment. That bastard should be the one to explain all this. Malik was simply stuck with educated guessing. "I've never seen this place before.... but if feels just like him." The last phrase was spoken almost as a growl.

That sinister aura coming off Sheut when he manifested in the mansion was all around here. It wasn't malicious in the same way the energies of Necropolis were, but it still made Malik feel certain that something dangerous could jump out at any moment. The present stillness was unnerving because it.

"That guy better not be fooling about getting us to eden." Malik would have preferred to not be forced there but here they were now.

Malik caught a movement out of the corner of his eye which was not from either of the other two. He turned towards it, but didn't see anything...yet.

XARXU - 01/25/2018
Reidh shrugged, and went about rifling through a satchel that was at his hip, as if looking for something. He was muttering something under his breath, but it was as if the events of the last ten minutes had never happened. "Y'know, this is just peachy. Lefty all my good shit back at the mansion." When Maximillion gave him an angry stare, Reidh just shrugged, seemingly unperturbed by the annoyance he was causing Max. When Malik moved to look at something, Max's eyes instantly went to look too, eyes glowing fiercely.

"Every damn spectrum for this shit, and it hurts like hell.." Maximillion muttered. There was the hint of a throbbing blood vessel near the outer corners of his eyes, and he gritted his teeth. "There's nothing that will come without me seeing it, but stay on-guard. I don't like surprises as a general rule, and this 'Sheut' fellow is really bugging me. Does he pull this kind of shit often? If not for the possibility that this might just be some kind of prank in poor taste..."

He left the insinuation unspoken, but His skin from elbows to hands were covered in dark purple dragonscale, and were pulsing with a black-purple miasma of some sort.

"I don't know how you managed to live with somebody who thinks doing this kind of shit is okay."

A slight twitch of his face, and Malik would probably realize, if he had noticed (with any of his senses), he was probably thinking of Reidh in that statement.

Loner - 01/25/2018
"Lets just say yeah." It was a simple answer for what actually was a complex dynamic. Malik hadn't before been stuck with trickery on this scale but he'd sensed, even before his senses were as refined as they were now, that Sheut could pull this kind of shit at any moment. "Luckily staying with him was short lived and it won't happen again." No way no how was Malik going to tolerate living with someone who could so easily fuck with people's lives on a whim. The only reason the effect wasn't the same with Reidh was cause the mansion was so big you could end up not seeing some folks for weeks.

Malik was on guard too, but his spiritual senses revealed no more than his physical ones.
This was because whatever was out there was camouflaged to mimic the terrain on so many levels. As long as they were concealed even by a small dune, or rock they wouldn't be seen, and if they were their hues caused them to blend in in the off light. They made little to no sound. Both spiritual and magical energies present were in unison with the environmental aura.  Some were even hidden in other ways. The easiest way to see them was by motion, but that tended to stay suspiciously on the periphery.

They got too close to fast.

A humanoid being burst out of the ground attempting to grab on to the nearest legs. It had four arms and hands with serrated palms sharp enough to cause lacerations to just about anything if they pulled against them. His target ended up being Malik, who managed to step out of the way in time.

But there were more.

Max wouldn't have much time to help Malik as something spawned into engagement from who knew where. It moved fast enough to be on par with the large man's own speed if not faster still. It was smaller than he, but didn't hesitate trying to cut off his arms with two sharp blades it wielded. The blades vibrated in a way that maximized their cutting power, even if they didn't end up cutting flesh, they might still cause wounds on other levels.

And Reidh got targeted by a 'small fry' zombie.

All three beings matched the dim hues of the terrain, in some cases a bit darker. All lacked important details in their appearance making them look more like shadows or reflections than flesh and blood.

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