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Sanctuary Ryker Harris
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  Ryker Harris
  Fox (KSOT Code Name)
  Female (Used to be Male)
  September 29, 1920
  U.S. Army (formerly)
  Sanctuary (currently)
   Corporal (U.S. Army) (120th Infantry Regiment) 
   Seargant (Kamihi Special Operations Team) (Alpha Team)
  Human (Kamihi)
    Immortality: To put it simply, Ryker cannot die. Or rather, she can die, he just can't stay dead. Malnutrition, decapitation, crushing, and many others wouldn't be enough to kill him. However, in order to actually heal and recover from her severe wounds, Ryker needs to reset. Depending on how far away Ryker's arms or legs are if they were cut off, she would end up regenerating new limbs. Same thing for the head. In fact, if her head was cut off, Ryker's old head would still be conscious while the new head regrows. The old head "dying" is the closest known way she can arrive on death's door. 
    Shadow Matter: 

    Paralyzing Scream:

    CQC Combat Expert: Ryker is an expert hand to hand combatant, and is skilled in various combat techniques such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and many others. She can even employ techniques like gun kata effectively. 

    Weapons Expert: Ryker is extremely proficient in the use of her standard issue M1 Garand and uses a Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk.I Sniper Rifle with ease. She has a Colt M1902 semi automatic pistol as her secondary and has a pair of stun and frag grenades. She also has shown that she can adapt and employ more modern weaponry and the more advanced stuff Sanc forces has at their disposal. 

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Before he was changed 
[Image: 3050c29f3f5ba36b2303683c742fb06c--el-ani...-manga.jpg]
After he was changed 
[Image: BI5vRZx.jpg]

Positive -- Adaptive, Friendly, Protective, Enthusiastic, Courageous 
Negative -- Headstrong, Daredevil, Sadistic, Mildly Insane

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