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Ciana Altair





Astral Navigation:
Ciana has a great sense of direction and it is very difficult for her to get lost. Her connection to the stars (being an Astral) allows her to instinctively tell north from south and east from west. If skies are cloudy and stars are barely or not visible, this may backfire and Ciana could lose her way. She can also travel to the Astral Planes (the spirit library) at any time (as long as there are stars out).

Accelerated Reading:
Ciana can read extremely fast. She can finish a novel in just a minute or two.

Mana Manipulation:
Like every other Astral, Ciana was taught the ways of magic and how to manipulate it. By manipulating the mana inside somebody's body, she can heal simple and less major wounds. In mana/energy intensive locations, she can, to some extent control the mana around her and deal a small amount of damage with it.

Astral Awakening:
At the peak of her emotions or during life-threatening situations, Ciana's markings will glow bright and her magical affinity will be empowered. She will be able to manipulate more mana and have increased control over it. This, however, has a strong effect on her mental status. If it goes on for too long, she might lose grip of the situation or forget what she wanted or meant to do.

Basic Martial Arts:
Ciana knows how to defend herself, that's for sure. Her fighting skills are not that great, but they are better than most of the population.

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Ciana's Astral Markings (Astrals thread) are blue and spiral clockwise. They are mostly on the right side of her body, spanning from her right arm to her right foot.

Ciana is usually quite quiet and does not really care to delight in social activities. She spends most of her time studying the arcane arts and history of the world in the spirit library. She prefers not to fight, but during combat she can keep her head level and think rationally. Astrals do not tend to panic easily, which is why Ciana always has a strong grasp on reality and what is going on in the present time.

The Astral Elders have always been eager to share their philosophies with the students. To Ciana, it was more like forcing their ideals and beliefs onto the young astrals; the children listened, but most likely, many of them thought of the better things they could do instead of listening to pointless lectures about some old people's experiences. Everything about their ways of teaching was against her thoughts and feelings. Of course, she was compelled to attend every session, but not much of the knowledge reached her. It was a simple system, really: observe, listen, and don't talk.

It was difficult. She knew all of this was pointless. After all, she was the heir to the Altair bloodline, one of the most reputable households in the astral community. Time that wasn't used to learn important information was wasted time. The family library was filled with vast collections upon collections of books and was seemingly limitless. Rumours were spread around that the library was connected to some sort of gateway where endless amounts of knowledge is created infinitely; Ciana found out soon that these were definitely not rumours, but rather a twisted truth. Yes, there was a gateway leading to a different place, but there was no knowledge being constructed there. She had before read about spirits, demons and other malevolent entities. More importantly that she was not, in any case, to go near them or communicate with them. But she couldn't resist. The creature in the portal was a spirit of knowledge. One of the mightiest knowledge spirits in the Astral Planes.

Ciana made a mistake by making a deal with the spirit. In return for some mana, the spirit gave her the ability to read extremely fast and access to his personal library. At her academy, her magic skills fell behind her peers. A large amount of mana was drained from her body but to her it was worth the knowledge she gained from the deal. Anyway, she could return to the spirit's library at any time she wanted.

She ran away from home not long after, and found her way into Sanctuary. The people's hatred was a major inconvenience for Ciana, but it was quite simple to cover up her marks and her mana trail was no longer strong anymore. She can probably survive here, as a normal human.


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