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Private Raiding The Lost II [Continued]
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Last time on "Two Girls And A Treasure Trove"...

Continued from old AR...

See, I expected it to be dark. That was the only part of this journey that stuck to the plan, to be honest. That was to be expected, though - nothing was usually easy, especially when it came to a treasure trove.

I took narrowed my eyes, trying to see deeper into the darkness of the rather tight cave. Whatever dragon was crawling through here must've been a pretty diminutive lizard; I mean, fucking hell, I couldn't even turn my head with my hair getting caught on the rock wall.

I thought about taking out my little droid that I picked up, only to remember where the hell we were. Technology would fry. So, I was stuck just trying to maneuver my way through. Maybe Izune was behind me, maybe not - I'd find out soon enough. I opened my ears and let my senses guide the rest of my way, but didn't dare make a sound. I knew how caves and sounds played with one another from plenty of experience. No need to have this thing collapsing in on us.
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The rocky tunnel around them wasn't very stable. As they walked it was too easy to find the rocks beneath them or above them wobbling at a touch. Fortunately no chain reactions were triggered by the two passing through.

As the tunnel began to widen out, the true nature of the cavern began to show itself. The ground became more smooth, and easier to walk on, while the walls stretched outward and upward into what must have been a massive chamber. In the dark it was hard to see the surroundings, only feel the change in the air and hear the shift in how small sounds echoed across the stone.

Izune slowed, listening intently to her surroundings. The place seemed pretty empty but you could never know. The scent of bird-man was even this far in, as well as another strange smell which didn't belong in a cave. Perfume?

A few more steps, a metallic chink as something small was dislodged and rolled across the floor.

This would be a good time for a light, but Izune was hesitant to create one lest it reveal their location to anything lurking this deep underground.


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