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Malik Young

Malik felt a firm hand on his shoulder."A place has been prepared for you to recover." He heard, as a voice reaching into his own head. The tone made him uneasy while also being somehow reassuring, in a combination which made the youth quite wary. The colors around the Amphitheater like space began to twist and blend like a chalk drawing suspended in water, spinning into another place.

Once the world ceased to shift, Malik found himself unsure of his surroundings. He'd never seen a place designed quite like this and yet, various features were subtly familiar such that he didn't feel as if he was in a completely alien place.

The room he had arrived in was three-sided and seemed to be made of wood and plaster. The wooden beams acting as a frame for the chamber, while the walls were smooth and white. The forth side of the space was open to a ground level balcony overlooking a bay.The floor of it all was also polished wood. The odd thing was all the wood was alive. Though smooth to the touch, the beams reached up into a green leafy canopy which comprised most of the roof. The walls didn't offer much security either for they had large windows looking out over what appeared to be some sort of jungle of equal parts wild and carefully cultivated. The furniture on the other hand was rather modern, with clear glass surfaces, cut into organic curves for tables and shelves and at least what looked like synthetic fibers for the sofa and chairs in the place. Somehow the organic and the inorganic balanced one another perfectly.

Malik stood stiffly for several moments, wondering what to do. First he'd been in that Colosseum like place with that... Demon creep... and now here.... He was supposed to 'recover' he supposed but he felt awkwardly like a guest only welcome on a token greeting rather than truly belonging in this place.

A sudden wave of dizziness swept over him, forcing the boy into one of the chairs. It was more comfortable than it looked but Malik was more focused on waiting for the spinning to subside. What was wrong with him, with these waves of pain and vertigo. Last time he'd been here, he'd experienced nothing of the sort.

Gradually the spinning subsided, leaving behind a subtle but persistent headache.

"You've taken it hard haven't you?"

When he was able to look up a woman sat before him in one of the other chairs. She was incredibly slender, but somehow didn't look unhealthy despite the twig-like stature. She was fair of skin with a bun of citrine curls and a floor length dress of matching hue. Space seemed to warp to fit her rather than her being subject to its rules for she seemed too tall for the room, yet somehow... fit within it. Her gaze was gentle but soul searching in such a way that Malik soon had to look away from those twin sunset pools of seemingly infinite depth. They were too intense.

Still such a query demanded an answer. "I don't know whats wrong with me. I didn't actually get hit that much in the fight even if I couldn't get the upper hand...but everything's seemed wrong since I got here." He explained, starting in the middle of the circumstances which had brought him here this time. The lady's piercing eyes. He knew that she knew all that had transpired. He didn't have to tell the whole story, and yet he was ashamed. It was as if nothing had gone the way he had hoped. From engaging Abeo, to forcing the holy rain on Delmarsh, to letting a child be killed, all his choices back there seemed like they had been nothing but mistakes.  

A hand rested on his shoulder, cool and soothing. "Your soul has been burned by the child's aura. The marks, will not heal on their own. I can walk you through treatment, if you are willing, but it will still hurt."

The young man grimaced. Burns that would not heal sounded awful to deal with. He'd only experienced distress of Vertigo, and the pain of when he'd arrived so far. He wasn't looking forward to continuing to experience such things. "It will be rough either way." He remarked. He wasn't afraid he told himself, but deep down he knew that he was.

Yet why? Puzzle as he might, he couldn't come up with an answer for his misgivings.  He did know one thing. He didn't want to be stuck with this... curse... So he asked. "what would you have me do?"

Though he wasn't watching her, her judging gaze seemed to grow more approving as the world once again shifted. This time it wasn't as much as the last. The place was the same, but the furniture, atmosphere and his position had changed. Somehow he had ended up lying on his stomach. The hands were still there resting gentle but firm on his back. Gradually they began to move.

At first there was nothing but the shock of the shifting contact. It reached deeper than the physical flesh, leaving the boy feeling vulnerable and exposed as she reached into aspects of his psyche Gradually the steady circular motions from the hands allowed Malik's apprehensions to melt away. He wasn't always keen on physical contact like this, but it was alright this time. He began to breath more easily as the contact slowly progressed to something that reached more deeply into his being. Stiffening up just made it more painful than it needed to be.

He almost forgot there was supposed to be pain until the hands found one of those burns the lady had mentioned and began. All of a sudden a flood of negative emotions overwhelmed him, causing him to stiffen for a moment.

"just breathe. You can tell me about it if you want." the woman's voice prompted.  

That was hard to do, but the steady movement of the lady's hands worked to guide him to a place where he could find some words.

"I really hate that girl." He meant Abeo, the one he'd dragged here. "I met her twice and both times she did nothing but fuck with peoples' lives. Same with all of those other demon beings I've met. You can't really win cause they hold nothing sacred, so people end up as casualties."

Malik had to admit one thing though, "Shame we humans can be just as bad. Sanctuary and maybe Eokia as well have their share of psychos who have no idea what a moral standard is, nor any respect for life." He rode a wave of worsening pain, fueled but a desire to act on that hatred. "Having to witness the spiritual battles, made it easier to see all the other ones. I can't do a thing but make things worse by fighting it all. Otherwise, its just let someone else handle it and hope for the best, but then I'll feel guilty cause I don't know when I could've made the most difference." He sighed. "Maybe that kid would've survived if I hadn't been trying to stop that girl.  I thought maybe I could actually win cause I've gotten  stronger, but instead... I shouldn't even fight unless I've got you guys, Max,  even Sanctuary, or just someone who knows what they're fuckin' doing to fall back on cause I sure don't."

He dropped silent for a while after that, letting her hands dig deep into the frustration he held towards such demonic beings and his own failures. He rode it all without words for a while. There was so much more hurt to be felt as the kneading touch teased out the aggravated emotions from their spiritual roots within his being. Different feelings were stronger in different places; Like the age old shame regarding his heritage, which he'd thought he'd defeated was found again lingering on his chest.

Occasionally the painful touch brought him to speak more. Other times he had to simply ride silently along the waves. He was allowed to feel it all. Not even most of the the seemingly darkest feelings were corrupt in and of themselves.  Eventually her careful handling guided even the most vengeful desires away.

When Malik opened his eyes afterwards, he was alone once more. He had no idea how much time had passed. It also didn't seem to matter too much The flow of time seemed near infinite.

How easily spirit and flesh joined together as shown in the simple action of stretching. He could barely tell where the two crossed. His strength had not yet returned fully after the fight and the lady's cleansing work, yet that didn't matter much either. He sensed in his spirit that he could have all the time he needed now. He was free to do anything he wanted as well. Eventually he would need to go back but the safety and potential of this realm was probably the best thing for him until he had recovered further.  

After that... He had high hopes.


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