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Private A demon dog's return
Adolescent Hellhound

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Registered: Jan 2018

Breed: Hellhound

Sub-Breeds: Cat, Canine, Dragon

Weight | Height: 3,021 pounds / 11 feet

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 3 years

Birth Season Autumn

Power Level: 6/7

Blessings: Humbug, Acidity, Arakave, Bad Breath, Billððíìãå, Billððíìãå, Bind, Blood Bond, Bond, Brush Fire, Bubble Chair, Candycane, Cheese Parts, Christmas Log, Christmas Tree, Cloud, Contort, Contort, Contortionist, Crackers-Go-Poop, Crackle, Dances with Demons, Death, Death, Death, Death, Dragon Heart, Earth, Egg, Egg Nog, Exchange, Eye Shield, Ëÿëš-fÅ‘Å—-Ÿŏů , Fake Peppermint Twist, Fallen Force, Falling Chair, Feeder, Festive Phantoms, Flower Power, Fly, Fog, Freedom, Gift Basket, Gills, Growth, Heal, Ice, Ice Beam, Vegetarian Turkey, Ice Javelin, Illinion, Illusion, Invisibility, Ioai, Jelly Bean, Jintona, Kid'mi, Lanaox, Laser Vision, Last Hope, Life, Life, Life, Lightning, Me, Mega Impact, Mer-creature, Mistletoe, Mitternacht, Moon Crest, Morning Wake, Night Eyes, Nightmare, Nonoviparium, Nonoviparium, Ommonine, Openedearly, Phoenix Fire, Pine Needle, Poison Barb, Rain, Restore, Rock, Sa¤çûijhd, Sa¤çûijhd, Sleep Easy, Snow Stars, Snowstorm, Soapity, Spirit Flames, Star, Stardust, Starry Furation, Stocking of D00M, Sunlight, Sweet Dreams, Sweets, Tadaroth, The Ammie's Eyez, Tigerlily, Tiny, Trickster, Turkey, Twilight, Ãœaæzzöú, Unocommonie, Vampire Heart, Wake at Dawn, Water, Who Likes Parmesean, Wound Healer, Yiola, ADOS, Jellybean of Indegestion, Cape of Shadows, Greenpaw: Vine Edition, Vapour, Fiery Spork of Doom, Chameleon, Tenderizer, The Birds, Immortal Youth, Crackers-Go-Pop, Greenpaw, Needs Steak Sauce, Rain of Sporks, Swap, Terra Cell, Mirror Field, Elf Hat, Ice Shards, Ancient, Superleim, Xmas Gift Wrap, Xmas Gift Ribbon, Antlers, Sleigh Ride, Aviary, Berserker, Last Hope, Lenhran, The Ammie's Eyez, Wolfy's Eyes aren't Purple, Ijanto, Circles, Tadaroth, Sun Sun! It's going to Rain!, Blood Bond, Unocommonine, Wolf's Bane, Shadow, Absolute, Dark Haze, Wind Channel, Indignation, Lava, Meteor, Cross Bones 'n' Skulls, Dust, Snow, Blinding Light, Thunderous Noise, Restoring Sight, Sounding, Plant Life, Nimbus, Moondust, Spitfire, Ice Gaze, Dragon Summoner, Breeze, Cyanoacrylate, X-mas Tree Hat, Icy Rain, Holiday Cookies, Christmas Star, Oommonine, Ice Bells, Stocking Stuffer, Jalur Kutukan, JjieΐΐwЖnw∞, Wreath, Blizzard, Snow Ball, Snow Shadow, Biotic, Xmas Bulbs, Inferno, Lock, Key, Regain, Greenpaw: Seed Edition, Iron, Heavy, Agile, Boil, Infest, Gift Giver, Death Stop, Tidal Wave, Feral, Life Dissovle, Frosty, Mighty Misaco Blessing, Smells Like Pickles, Sunblock, Super Glue, Santa's Late, Gingerbread Men From Hell, Fake Candy Canes from Hell, Christmas Bells, Deack the Halls, Ant-LERS, Jalur Kutukan Angkat, Snowman, Tinsel, Raining Deer, Red Velvet Ribbon, Rudolf's Nose, Icy Mist, 2005 Pine Needles, P.C.S.B., Vine Wings, Heavy Metal, Telepathy, Flame Wings, Christmas Explosives, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Spirits, Christmas Ham, Snow Monster, Carol, Decorative Box, White Velvet Ribbon, Christmas Colour Flurry, Spark, Throwing Stones, Stone Wall, Empathy, Stalagmite, Sandstorm, Darkness, Deliverance, Silence, Spoken, Vampire Heart

Body Build: Heavy

Health: Healthy


Personality: She is a wicked, intelligent and Powerful young predator that will kill anyone that would make her tick. She is mysterious and isn't seen often by anyone and not many know her name. She hates other wolves that aren't trapped in her web of wickedness and lies. She is a sly being and a charmer to get someone trapped it that web as well as do as says. She is a fighter and can kill on sight of either for her amusement or was told to do so. She may not always be on top of things or things could get out of hand easily, and those are the kind of situations she would rather leave alone or put someone in her place. She can be rude and disrespectful to others for no reason. Although rose is wicked, rude and disrespectful, she does consider others to be on her so called level.

OOC Name:

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Character Sheet

Plot Page

Crowns: ♛15
Legend says that there inside of Cerebu forest lies a slumbering beast, resting for almost twenty years. Some say that if it is awakened, it will thank the one that saved it from an eternal sleep and grant a desiring wish. Others say, if it is disturbed, it will cause world destruction and havoc amongst the societies. However, these are just myths.... It lays quiet, and still visibly breathing, but not conscious. Many have attempted to snap it out of its sleep, hoping to have something gifted to them if they succeeded. Nothing worked. Only one can awaken it, and that someone hasn't arrived yet. 

(sorry it's a little weird, made it late at night.)

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