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"What's this?"

A hand reached out, stringy and wrinkled, catching the package as it fell from the air.

The hand belonged to a small guy, no more taller than a toddler, and his most identifying feature was that he looked like a nematode.
His body was transparent, his insides swirling with a fleshy fluid, and all over, inside and out, it was feeding the growth of various decomposers and detritivores--bulging mushrooms, crawling lichen, drowning millipedes, writhing worms, and who knew what else.
Despite--or perhaps because of--his appearance, there was a foreboding air to his presence...which was, in all likelihood, a rather normal occurrence for the city.

An arm like tangled roots pulled the parcel close, the trailing tip of his head passing over it in inspection.

A larger demon passed in front of him, and in that instant he was out of sight, the box taken with him.
There was left a stench to the air, however, of decomposing bodies and rot, that hung like a strong cloud tugged on by the wind.
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