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Shen Qiedao

"Okay, yeah, we're getting out of here!" Shen screamed, leaning down a bit before vanishing and appearing in front of her bike. She jumped on it quickly and started it up, not even letting it hum into life completly before she sped off with a loud whine from the machine. The walls around her started caving in though and while she was outrunning them, she knew that they would eventually catch up. 

"Leave the bike!" Sidestick screamed from her hip. 

"Are you kidding!? You know how much this cost!" Shen yelled out. After she had worked so hard, so dutifully to buy the bike, she couldn't just let it go like that...plus it looked really cool. But Sidestick had a point, in truth she didn't really need the bike, it kept her from tiring herself out by flash stepping but in this situation she could get out faster without it. 

"Uuuuggghhh...FINE!" Shen yelled, letting go of the handles and leaning on her seat, the bike slowly going out of control as she focused on her feet. "Grasp the earth," she muttered before leaping into the sky, causing the bike to be pushed away and down the cliff as rubble fell down on it.

Shen herself began to quickly jump through the rocks that fell her way, not stayin even a millisecond in each one before she was onto the next. Unfortunately, right when she was about to reach the top she had run out of rocks to jump on. She could take the fall, that wouldn't kill her with her near immortality, but climbing the mountain back up would be a hassle. "Make yourself useful!" she screamed out as she quickly took out Side stick and slammed him against the wall, using him as a handle before propelling herself to the top of the mountain with her sword in hand.

She let out a sigh of relief, sweat running down her body as she landed on the floor. "Holy shit, that was intense."

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Brush of wind on treetops

The shifting liquid-crystal land was acting as a funnel, pushing those who would run in a general uphill direction. It was a somewhat south-eastern one, towards where he land began to build up into mountain rangers, though these were still essentially mere foothills of them.

The end result of the shifting land was a shallow, but pronounced path, up the mountains, while the land on either side was too hostile to safely climb. The canyon of before. had become closed off as the earth sealed around it.The glistening magical veins of rock were securely hidden within.

But ahead on the path, disconnected from the previous canyon-land was a large gaping cave. A soft breeze blew towards it. It seemed the mountain wanted them there.


Brush had succumbed to the landscape's guiding, and had ended up in this place, looking at the hole in the mountain. She gave a worried glance behind her. She had lost track of the other dragon. Hopefully Rinyu had gotten out safe and sound. The land having sealed made it impossible to go back and check. It didn't look like the earth had ever broken now. The way behind was cut off but the land was uncannily smooth. She didn't see the older man anymore for a moment too, but if he had also succumbed to the guiding of the land, he was probably not far away.

Shen had managed to come out nearby, and was the only person brush could see for the moment. Given the evidence at hand, the now slumbering magical energies of the land, and the sounds her ears had picked up it was easy to jump to conclusions. She turned to face the Vampire, the expression on her canid face serious and upset. "what did you do?" Her words were a bit accusing, as she definitely assumed that Shen had been the one to cause the land to awaken and push everyone here. Being a creature tightly tied to the natural world, Brush wasn't pleased.

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Thankfully enough, nothing worse than what had already occurred seemed to happen, and it wasn't too long before the shakings and shiftings came to a stop.
The tattooed man breathed a sigh of relief, his muscles unraveling as he stepped forward to examine the damage.

Half of the canyon below had been sealed off without a single seam in sight, the rest of it appearing to have been converted to some sort of pathway.
All the minerals had gone, and the new path sloped upwards to a mound of earth with a dark face, suggesting a hole, and in front of it was the iridescent beast and...something else.

He didn't really care, for Ahote took one look at the cave before deciding "No gracias," and turned on his heels, heading in precisely the opposite direction.
A burned arm was bad enough; heck, for a man struggling to survive on his own in the wilderness, it might as well be a death sentence.
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