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Now, whatever magical mind tricks or coercion the winged woman had tried to do clearly had no effect on the dwarven man--whether it was a testament to the boneheadedness of dwarf-kind or some innate resistance to magic was up for debate--but, at the very least, the distraction had gotten him to stop yelling in her face. She inhaled sharply as he went on and on with the diatribe of personal insults, only exhaling when it seemed that he was through...she wasn't going to jump off a cliff, but she could give him what he had come in for.

"Right," she said, clearing her throat, "Um...j-just give me one moment."

With that, the magitechnician ducked down to dig through the cubby space hidden underneath the counter. Her bag had been sitting right there, conveniently, so she opened it up and pulled out anything that hadn't been taken from the dwarven settlement: her walking staff was leaned against the counter, a few wrenches and small mallets were tossed willy-nilly into the back, and miscellaneous pieces of crystal and metal were scattered about until there was nothing left but what she had chosen to salvage from the drone.

Standing back up, she handed the satchel to the dwarf with an anxious smile. "There you go," she said, "The bag's enchanted, by the way...a bag of holding, if you will. Just turn it over, and everything'll spill out."

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