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Ishiki Ni Nagare

The children gathered around his feet, sitting frog style or cross legged on cushions and pillows placed upon the floor. There were ten of them, more with their parents standing behind, or watching from a distance, sometimes holding a baby, or toddler who was too attached to their parent to want to join the others. The slightly alienesque humanoid figure gave them all a warm smile, pleased by how many had come to story time.

Hope, good to see you again. Jerie, I'm glad to see your arm's healed up. Chiho, how was your vacation?

He called every child by name as they came, asking each about their life as he knew it, and finding a space where each could see the things he had to show them.

He bought out a basket, which was covered with a cloth.

Can anyone tell me what you think is inside?

The prompt didn't go unanswered as hands shot up, and little voices chimed their guesses. Toys? books? blankets? bread? Pale slender hands lifted up the covering revealing some pretty red and white flowers.


Once there was a little girl who lived in a big city much like our own. She had a a little brother who was often sick, and sold wildflowers to take care of herself and him. she didn't get much business. The rich class preferred the fancy ones in the shops, but occasionally a kind person would buy a few.

One day there was a celebration in the city. People were bringing gifts to the castle for the child that had been born to the queen. The child was prophesied to become a very great healer. Already rumors were spreading that those who visited him were being healed of any sickness or wound they had.

In hopes of making her brother well she came with her flowers. The guard stopped her saying 'you are poor, you have nothing to offer.' and she wasn't allowed in to even try to see the child.

She waited for the guard's change of shift, then came back again. The guard stopped her saying 'you have nothing to offer, get back to the streets where you belong.'

A servant who knew her saw this and drew her aside. 'I will help you get in.' she said, and showed the girl a side door. Thus she was able to sneak in.

When she arrived a the room where the visits were held she was stopped by another guard. 'how did you get in here urchin?' he demanded, ready to kick her out. She ran in, and placed the flowers at the crib.

That moment they bloomed, brighter colors than any of the flowers the girl had been able to sell before. She was still kicked out and scolded for trying, but she'd offered what she had, so she reluctantly went home.

It wasn't till the next day that the miracles began happening. Her brother was healthy and the flowers she plucked became as lovely as these. People bought them for the story behind them as much as their beauty, allowing her to start to build a better life.


He handed a blossom to each child.
Even the smallest gestures can make a big difference.

The hour went on with a few more stories, a game, and even a little magic by the end. The families took their children, packed up and headed out. After the last one was gone, he too began to gather up the things he had brought, so that he could put them away.  

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