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Kingdom Hearts : World Destiny
[Image: WDNIGHTFALL1-vi.png]

With the fall of Organization XIII, peace was restored. But this peace was little more than the calm before the storm.

Clawing, thrashing, and baring its teeth, the Darkness countered the growing strength of the Light with everything it had. 

One by one, worlds began to crumble and fade, succumbing to the disease of the Dark. Few sanctuaries from the blight remain, and those that do house inhabitants from far-flung places. 

Some may fall to the Darkness, consumed by their fear; their anger at the Light for failing to keep the world safe. Others are drawn to the Light in this time of distress.

The Denizens of Light have an incredible burden : one last chance to transpose the destruction and bring restoration to the collapsing worlds.  Their hearts and souls must not be marred by the swathing Darkness.  Yet the Dark has a way of luring even the most stalwart of souls. 

Many adventurers are gathering, reborn into one of the last sanctuaries still standing.  Whether or not they have the power to turn the tides and defeat the Darkness will depend on the strength of their hearts.

+ Original Characters welcome +

+ Canon Characters available +

+ Post Dream Drop Distance timeline +

Join today, or just drop in and say hello!

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