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What's Magog's Angle?
What is Magog's angle? That certainly is a question, isn't it.

The leader of Necropolis is something of an odd duck - they thrive almost entirely off of some kind of chaos or discord, yet they seem to demand order in places of their own? Why is that?

This is a nuanced question. We could start from the most obvious point.

Magog is looking to better Necropolis' standing. That much is obvious. But it's not the full story.

They want to rule? No, actually. They don't necessarily care about their 'rule' so much as they care about the power that the throne gives. Ruling over the land is kind of the consequence - they're playing sovereign to give the people something.

They summoned the group to help them. Primarily, yes. But, why is that? Well, it's because of their exposure to outside sources. Simply put, they want the demons to just... exist somewhere else for a bit and things will work themselves out. When each of them are granted a seed of corruption, all they have to do is walk elsewhere with it and they've done their jobs. No side effects to them - it's just Magog spreading the influence bit by bit.

They want to sow chaos? Yes. Most definitely. In every way. Causing flux in both the plane below and the worlds above are how they roll. It's almost ingenious in some cases.

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