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Heya! I'm Tsu! Found this place while looking for somewhere to find people to roleplay with! I'm running into a lot of dead forums so hopefully this one's living!

I like to roleplay lots of scenarios but I usually enjoy MxM. I've never tried MxF or FxF, since I don't usually stray from what I know.
But I can also roleplay non-romantic scenarios for people that just wanna have a good time in a different world.

I like to draw for a hobby, but I don't usually post. But my DeviantART is tsumetai-iro if I ever do!

I hope y'all are alive, and if you are, I can't wait to make some friends! ^^

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we're very much alive. its' been a quiet day, but we've got a nice handful of active members who have a lot of plots going. Feel free to make yourself at home here.

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