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Harry Webb
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Alignment: Chaotic Good

Character Sheet

Plot Page

Crowns: ♛15
Name: Alex Minette 
Alias: Harry/Harriet Webb, Vector 1
Gender: Male/Female 
Age: 31

U.S. Army Special Forces (formerly)
CIA Operative (formerly)
Operation Treadstone (formerly)

Race/Species: Enhanced Human/Variant
Gender Transformation 
Empathic Shield
Enhanced Conditioning
Expert Marksman
Master Hand to Hand Combatant
Skilled Swordsman 

Kali Martial Arts
Jeet Kune Do

Glock 19, Heckler and Koch USP, Sig Suaer P320, Glock 17, Heckler and Koch Mark 23, Baretta 92fs, Armorlite AR-50 Sniper Rifle

Current Weapons: 
Heckler and Koch USP
[Image: Rail-adapter-w-light-Large.jpg]

A weapon similar to the CheyTac M200 Intervention (heavily modified and upgraded)
[Image: 6a2xoSI.jpg]
[Image: s-l300.jpg]
[Image: 1f66c1c6462cc2cc2cad8179fe5edd1473daf722_hq.jpg]
[Image: cardfight-vanguard-link-joker-hen-ep-53-2.jpg]
Voice Actor/Actress: (male) Bruce Willis (female) Felicity Jones

Harry Webb was born as Alex Minette on March 5, 1988 in Seattle, Washington, to Claire and Ryan Minette. His father was a Detective Luietenant in the Seattle Police Department, and his mother was a variant, who worked for a special, top secret department in the CIA. He had a younger sister called Emily Minette. When Alex was 14, he discovered that he had special powers such as telepathy and the ability to switch between genders at will. The latter of which he used during his highschool years for various hijinks. 

However, his life of almost norlmacy was shattered after learning of a tragic incident involving the deaths of his father and younger sister. It was mentioned to be a hit and run and the police never found the driver. When Alex was 17, he joined the U.S. Army and got into the Special Forces ("Green Barets"). Later on, he was inducted into the U.S. Army's Delta Force (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta or "1st SFOD-Delta") where he attained the rank of Captain.

On September 25, 2015, Alex Minette joined the CIA after his with the Army. The next year, he was inducted into the CIA black project codenamed Operation Treadstone. During the induction, it was discovered that Alex carried a rather unique ability to switch between genders at will and has telepathic powers. He was studied, tested, and trained in extensive hand to hand combat and swordsmanship. He was also furthur trained in the use of firearms. As part of Operation Treadstone, Alex was augmented with an experimental super soldier serum that increased his mental processing and capacity, strength, reflexes, stamina, durability, endurance and much much more. Afterwards, he was codenamed Harry Webb and sent out on highly classified clandestine operations. 


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