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I am a pretty flexible writer. I am of Above-Average (no more, no less) writing ability, with Above-Average (no more, no less) artistic ability. Please don't hesitate to call upon me for opportunities to write and do Art stuff! :)

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Exalted are a unique group of human beings, conceived by yours truly.


An Exalted is a human in their final stage of evolution, after having been exposed to various forms of radiation, surviving one ‘apocalypse’ after another, having acclimated to various changes in climate, and the space around their planet. The changes to mankind millennia after the 21st Century were subtle to those who experienced their share of these changes each generation, but when a Human in their final stage of evolution is compared to a human in the modern day, there are some remarkable differences in their chemistry and physiology.

            For one thing, they have become capable of deriving sustenance from just about any form of matter, by transmuting the matter into raw energy once it enters their mouths, or by absorbing the nutrients through the microscopic pores in their skin. They also are immune to the diseases and viruses that still weaken and kill humans in the modern day, including the process that has been dubbed “natural causes” and “old age”, meaning they stand to life for a presumably unlimited number of years, assuming nothing kills them, and they don’t age in the traditional fashion.

            One of their most remarkable traits is their unlimited potential for growth in the area of their choosing. Acts that will seem mundane in a society run by ultimordial human beings, would seem like feats of godhood to virtually every other stage of human development and civilization.


The behavior and personalities of the Exalted, few as they are in the modern or pre-modern periods, vary as much as the behavior and personalities of ordinary humans do. Some become addicted to their unlimited potential for growth and devote their seemingly endless lives to growing more powerful and dangerous, while others just ‘get by’ doing whatever feels right in the moment and focusing the bulk of their work and endeavors on their relationships with other people.

            Others still might find a natural efficacy when doing sports, academics or other activities, become smarter and more physically powerful than their peers, and then decide for themselves whether they will use these aptitudes and strengths for good, for evil, or just to live an ordinary life while securing just enough power to protect themselves and their loved ones.

            There have been some, the scorn of other Exalted, who have amassed great power, and have postured and proclaimed themselves ‘Demigods’ or outright ‘Gods’, demanding worship and obedience. Some have played the roles of Tyrant Gods, and others have been Benevolent Gods, but the surrender involved in outright worship not only typically goes to their head, but the act itself surrenders a portion of the power of their worshipers to them, causing them to grow stronger and stronger, just by gaining more followers who will worship and pray to them.

            Exalted tend to isolate to their social groups among other Exalted, or they isolate completely. Being capable of asexual reproduction, Exalted do not feel the same compulsion to find potential mates, and many don’t even feel compelled to make friends, especially since they will probably outlive most of the people they could ever befriend.


Exalted might walk among you unnoticed, and give off no readings to technology, nor even Sensory abilities, to make one believe they’re anything but ordinary humans. Others might possess colors, hues, textures or other features to their appearance that make them stand out, while some will never be seen out and about when others are (preferring to go out at night, when most are in bed).

Exalted can asexually reproduce, and their offspring will receive the genetic memory of their parent, primarily the worldly knowledge and experiences the parent had  when the offspring was made. However, if an Exalted reproduces heterosexually, their offspring becomes an Exalted whose genomes fuse with – and enhance – the genomes from the other parent. The common vernacular for a hybrid Exalted is to use the term “Exalted” before the race name of their other parent, such as “Exalted High Elf”, or “Exalted Vampire”, or “Exalted Demon”. These hybrid children will appear to start off weaker and less capable than children of their other parent’s race usually do, but in due time, they will begin to demonstrate increasing intelligence, physical prowess, and the ability to pick up things a bit easier than pureblooded children of their other parent’s race. The Genetic Memory inheritance of a Pureblood Exalted is diluted for a Hybrid, and the genetic memory of the hybrid Exalted when they become a parent will be 'copied over' into the genetics of their offspring too, at varying amounts. Five children might each possess different portions of knowledge, might have some knowledge in common, while others may have inherited knowledge their siblings didn't. It really is a roll of the dice, how that works. When they grow up and have children of their own, the same will occur again.

Although this growth has no known limits, it must be achieved with commensurate work, study and effort. Once an Exalted Human hybrid has outlifted every dumbbell and barbell manufactured, they must go and find heavier things to lift, and harsher conditions to lift them in, in order to continue to meet (and eventually exceed) human capabilities.


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