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I am a pretty flexible writer. I am of Above-Average (no more, no less) writing ability, with Above-Average (no more, no less) artistic ability. Please don't hesitate to call upon me for opportunities to write and do Art stuff! :)

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M I D N I G H T    E S T A T E

Midnight Estate was once the home of a powerful and influential crime lord, that has now come into the hands of one Maximillion VonMitternacht. The 'Mansion' lays in the dead center of many acres, and is a tall and impressive structure, in many ways more resembling a mixture of a Castle and a traditional Manor.

The grounds, especially 'Midnight Manor', happens to be heavily fortified to allow for the comfortable habitation of creatures who might have adverse reactions to sunlight or moonlight, and the very same clusters of Wards make it so the temperature is never unbearably hot nor unbearably frigid, though it still goes through the seasons the same as everywhere else.

Midnight Manor is an hour or so from Delmarsh by wagon or horseback, but many steer clear of it, due to the prior owner's reputation. The grounds are patrolled by all kinds of beings - some seen, many unseen - that are perfectly harmless unless there's an attempt to attack or siege or capture the Manor.

There is talk of part of Midnight Manor being opened up as a School of sorts for individuals who wish to learn magic, swordsmanship, archery, and more, and Maximillion has opened a Heroes Guild at the core of the Manor, and extra construction is being made to accommodate dormitories for those who may wind up residing there.


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