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Eokia Exodus Island
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I am a pretty flexible writer. I am of Above-Average (no more, no less) writing ability, with Above-Average (no more, no less) artistic ability. Please don't hesitate to call upon me for opportunities to write and do Art stuff! :)

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E X O D U S    I S L A N D

Somewhere high in the frozen mountains to the far north of Eokia, if one climbs the high peaks - a harrowing ordeal for even the hardiest mountain climbers - one will eventually top a peak, and gaze into what looks to be a gigantic, jagged, asymmetrical crater in the center of the mountain range, and what looks like a city made of obsidian in the dead center of it. Those who are sensitive to energy of a Dark nature may find that the place has an almost oppressively dark and sinister aura to it. Those who are dark-aligned will feel as if they were being called to it, perhaps even long before they ever happened upon the surrounding mountain ranges.

The place is largely abandoned, wiped out by a plague that swept this area some decades ago, but it is now inhabited by one Exodus Soulcry, who uses the great Temple-fortress at the city's peak as his own personal home. A God from a distant realm, he now spends most of his time shut inside the Temple-fortress of his own accord, occasionally stepping outside to go for a walk in the city. The city is extremely quiet, and the sky is always so dark and cloudy, this would make a great place for demons, vampires, and other creatures of the night to make their home.

There is an easy method for the denizens of Necropolis to make their way here, as there's also several hidden spots where one can get in from Eokia. Alternately, those who have been there since Exodus terraformed, renovated, and placed an obsidian city here, can travel back here if they have powerful magicks or abilities in teleportation or the like.


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