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The Wilderness encompasses all the wild lands of the world, from vast deserts in eokia where magic storms rage, to quiet forest lands on the outskirts of sanctuary suburbs, to the oceans that cut between continents, and even, chaotic places in Necropolis where things of nightmares dwell. Basically the wilderness is the places where civilization is not. There are no concrete jungles, or towns, or supermarkets out here, so come prepared.  

Territory Description:
Snowy peaks, boiling deserts, quiet forests, and ocean depths. All of that is here, interconnected through odd rifts and folds in spacetime that meld one into another in unusual, and sometimes jarring ways. These rifts make many territories interconnected, creating melding of ecosystems, The nexus of which has been dubbed The Giant's Compass. 

Many rifts and folds in spacetime meet at this set of floating islands. The land is truly shaped like a compass, with a large central island known as the Compass Rose, and many satellite islands. The Compass rose always points north, but the satellites may be at any place in orbit even in the air or under the sea, creating some ecosystems which are truly surreal. Climates range from frigid icecaps, to balmy rainforests, but vary greatly depending on the compass' location. Intense magnetism holds the whole thing together. Incredible auroras, erratic weather, disrupted magic, technology, and even conventional concepts of physics gone awry are just a few of the effects of the compass' magnetic field on the land. The magnetism makes the exact location of the Compass nearly impossible to track, or even reach through techno/magical means.  

Beware the center of the Compass Rose. There are many rumors about it, but none have come out to tell what is really there.

Aside from the compass there are more terrains than one alone can imagine. Below are just a few. 

With not a healthy plant nor drop of water nearby, stretches the vast Barren Wastelands. Only the strongest and those with the best endurance can make it and survive here in the deserts, canyons, and plateaus. Very little rain falls in these places.
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Year long snow, and subzero temperatures make living here a challenge. Some days the sun never seems to set, while others are graced with eternal night. It is an aweinspiringly beautiful, but dangerous land, as anything ill equipped to handle the elements is likely to freeze to death.
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Many varieties of trees stand tall, offering shade to those who wander beneath their branches. Streams and rivers cut through the landscape, nurturing the flora and fauna. It is easy to get lost in the tranquility of this place, but equally easy to underestimate the dangers that may lurk here. 
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Under the sea is a vast and often overlooked realm. Great kelp forests and coral reefs hold exotic wonders, while underwater valleys where no light comes hold alienesque horrors. 

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