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Bounty posters, contracts, deals, debts, deeds, mission boards, trades, wanted articles, that wistful whisper in yours or another's ear.
Someone wants something, and it's YOUR job to get it for them, or otherwise take it for yourself.

You may choose one or more of the following endings to complete your quest. The journey to reach your desired ending is up to you!

♦ A community needs help extricating some menace.
Perhaps it's a village under threat of bandits or demons, a group under the heel of thugs, or some mysterious ailment that's swept across the land.
Help the society, join their enemies, or wait and reap the rewards when everything comes to a head, and everyone's too busy to keep an eye on their valuables?

♦ A trade deal's gone wrong, and now the robbers are on the run!
Catch the thieves and bring back the goods, or beat them down and run off with the valuables for yourself.

♦ There's a debt that needs to be paid, or a contract or curse that needs to be broken.
Find out what or who did it and convince or force them to kill the deal, whether by paying up for the debtor or removing the debtee entirely.
Will you end up with your own curse, or siding with the contractor and get the other person to finish the deal?
Perhaps there's a compromise that can be reached, or trade that can be had instead.

♦ Your character finds another player's character on a wanted poster!
Do they know each other?
Is it justified?
Have they already been caught?
Do you spring them from jail?

-- 45 Crowns

** Quest created by 00

Made by Jaronart of WW

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