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White storm clouds are brewing on the horizon, but as they break to release their contents, which should be fresh rainwater, the droplets are black in color. Scientists of many lands have begun investigations of this water, only to find that it is not Dihydrogen Monoxide (H2O), but rather, some unknown substance altogether - molecules unknown.

The water is safe to drink, though does not hydrate the body. It merely passes through. As this rain begins to mix with the local waterways and push fresh, natural storms out of the atmosphere, people from all over have banded together to figure out what is causing this strange phenomenon in their own society.

You may choose one or more of the following endings to complete your quest. The journey to reach your desired ending is up to you!

♦ A powerful magic-user has grown angry at the locals, and as a result, has cursed the land with the strange rainy season. Locate them, and either negotiate and reason with them, complete a task for them, or fight them, in order to stop the dark rains!

♦ A local plant that creates Magitech, either illegally, or legally, depending on your location, has released something into the water and the air that began to taint the ecosystem. The evaporated water mixed with the darkness in the air in order to rain down the black waters. Talk to the owners of the plant, shut it down, force them to stop, or purify the land. Make your own choice of action!

♦ A small group of Necropolis minions have been messing with the ecosystem in order to one day truly poison it. Locate these imps and take care of them!

♦ And of course.... nobody said you are forced to be the hero. We have room for you to fuel the rains, if you so desire.

-- 25 Crowns
-- A shiny badge!
-- IC acknowledgement in future stories pertaining to this.
Made by Jaronart of WW

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