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Magical beings used to live safely all over the globe. Unfortunately nonmagical humans began to fear that which they could not wield. Because of that fear, they demonized their neighbors. The Technological Revolution lead to a war where the magical beings faced a loosing battle as humans found more and more tools to hunt them.

With sheer elemental power, and creative energy the dragons guided the way to form a new continent. By casting a complex magical barrier over the land they created a place where the magical could thrive and grow without worrying about anti-magical offensive pressures. Every magical race was invited to come. Many agreed, including some human allies, and they started a new life.

Eokia is a high fantasy setting. It is the land of classic fairytales, of kings and dragons, of fair folk, and monsters who haunt the night. It as easy to stumble on curses as it is to stumble upon blessings in this land of magic. 

Eokia is located west of sanctuary and Sonlas. It is mostly in the northern hemisphere. with the southern reaches of the central continent crossing over the equator. The land hosts most biomes.

Eokia is a large continent with several islands surrounding it which are included within it's domain. All of this is encompassed by a large magical barrier.
The barrier is the magical border of Eokia within which technology ceases to work properly. It is maintained from inside at several maintenance points which reinforce it. It is easy to know when one is near the barrier. GPS and satellite technologies start to become a little glitchy, while magic-sensing devices and beings pick up a strong signal. Within eokia, its effects are treated as law of nature. The barrier shifts and moves at times, leaving islands uncovered temporarily, but the mainland rarely is effected by this movement. 

Eokia is a continent not a unified nation. Civilized humanoid races have formed multiple city-states in which they live, and have claimed land accordingly. Each city-state has its own government system, and may be in conflict or alliance with its neighbors depending on various factors. City-states often have a king, or democracy, warlord, or lower governmental title holder to rule them. 

The number of well established city states thins out the further inland one goes, becoming replaced with sparse loosely governed towns and communities. 
Business Lords
In addition to the city-state rule there are Business Lords. Sometimes they double as the leaders of a state sometimes not. Business Lords hold mass assets over finance and trade. They control how products from various regions are exported and to whom. They are almost higher than kings in places where money influences the law. Business lords pull a lot of strings in how different regions relate to one another. 
Wild Law
Beasts and wild things on the other hand, tend to follow a more 'universal' unspoken set of laws and do not always respect the boundaries set by civilized races. They ally or hinder who they wish. Their ways often do not make sense to those who are used to a ruler. 
Creators & Guardians
Highly respected by those who remember them, The creators are the founders of the land originally, or their chosen successors. They set the laws of nature and magic use within eokia, prevent them from being compromised, and do a lot of back-end maintenance to keep everything running smoothly. Most of them appear as dragons or elementals if they appear at all. They tend to act if there is an upset in the balance of the land, or a large threat to the whole of eokia's, or even the larger world's well being.
Guardians are magical beings, usually beasts or elementals who protect or rule a more specific area of the land. A land without a guardian is likely to be unhealthy more than natural forces alone can account for, and more easily manipulated in ways that make it unstable. Even places of densely urban populations have guardians. 

Civilized societies favor the coasts. The further inland one goes, the more thinned out and sparse the presence of civilization becomes due to the thickness of wild magic. This makes way for wild lands ruled by things that follow no human law. 

The east coast, and eastern inland is home to many humanoid groups, including a few nearly purely human settlements. The higher north-east one goes, the more likely one is to find magitech due to the proximity to sonlas. 

The coastal islands are often semi-colonized and relatively homogeneous regarding the dominant species. Most are self sufficient. 

In the west and central-eastern south, there are advanced mixed species city-states. Magic is elaborate in these places, and has often replaced even simple technologies. Dotted around them are more homogeneous settlements for various species, and wild lands where fey and beast races dwell. 

In the central strip, running from north to south, and most of the mountains are wild lands. Magic is very strong in these areas. The rare wizard may live alone out there, but mostly the area is dominate by intelligent beast kind, dragons, and humanoids who do not think in the same way as more colonial races. 

Eokia is home to many non-human races. Humanity is in fact the minority in many places. Elves, dwarfs, giants,  ogres, fairies, mer, shifters, and more make up humanoid races, and many mixed-blood individuals exist. There are intelligent beast-kind aplenty, more species and variations than you can imagine as well as elemental beings, spirits, and beings born from pure magic. 

The barrier limits technology and prevents many things from working. This includes magitech and technology brought in my magic users if any of the below are met.

- All Technology which runs on electronic or other futuristic/sci-fi power sources shuts off as soon as they cross the barrier.

- Modern and high-tech fuels lose their potency and can no longer be used to power vehicles or other gadgets. Vehicles running on these kinds of fuels are no longer operational, and often crash as soon as they cross the barrier.

- High-tech weaponry backfires or breaks when there are attempts to use it even if the mechanisms to power it are basic or based on natural reactions.

- Wired and Wireless signals produced by technology are disrupted, removing the functionality, of internet, cell-phones, gps and more.

In addition, mass production and synthetic materials do not exist in Eokia. This is because factories and extended automation don't run as well as they do in places like Sanctuary and Sonlas. Plastics, refined fuels, artificial fibers, synthetic chemicals, some metals, and more remain completely alien to most who have grown up in Eokia. Things made out of these sorts of materials are practically nonexistent unless they are imported from outside. 

The following are a few of the things which are not prevented by the barrier.

- Man-powered machines which stop or wind down once person stops expending energy to run them. Examples: a bicycle, a music box

- Coal and wood burning engines, which can then be used to power vehicles or other inventions so a steam train could be operational within Eokia.

- Devices which redirect natural kinetic energy to perform a task, such as water wheels and windmills

- Basic guns, and older brands of explosives.  

Magitech is technology built to run off a magical powersource. For a technological creation to be guaranteed to work in Eokia it must be created for or modified to run only on some form of magic. Parts that do not run off magic follow the same limiters as nonmagical technology.

Eokian magitech tends to be homebrewed and eccentric, made by the person using it, or commissioned. Often magitech here has parts that seem to have no functional use. Looks can be deceiving as to what a magitech creation actually does as well. There are few official schools for magitech in Eokia because most things that magitech and technology can do can be done with magic instead.

The environment itself is seeped in natural magic. This magic is so thick that most people can feel the difference as soon as they get close enough to Eokia's shores.

Because it is so close at hand, it is easy to find beings who can do basic or even advanced spellwork. For things they can't do, beings can easily obtain enchanted objects in all shapes and sizes. Some enchantments do the same jobs as much of the technology and magitech out there. These are more commonly used than Magitech due to some of the restrictions of the Barrier. 

Common magic uses include, heating, light, water purification, transportation, protection of self or property etc. 

Magic wilds
The further inland one goes, the thicker the environmental magic becomes. Wild magic in very high concentrations is chaotic and unpredictable. Eventually it reaches levels where magics used in magitech and some other forms of structured spells can get caught up and start doing things they were never meant to do.

In the wildest places, Attempts to reshape the land/physics long term with magic or technology tend to bounce back, or go awry in unpredictable ways. The edges of Eokia are more civilized than the center for this very reason. If you live at the edges magic is easy to control. If you live in a wild place it is a force of nature that you must adapt to.

Many who live in these magically charged areas view magic as a near sentient entity. They can sometimes be very hostile to anything that appears to permanently bind the way magic can flow. This stigma leaks into more civilized areas, especially the further away one gets from Sonlas.

Within Eokia

A very large landlocked city-state Located in the northwest. Many main roads are wide enough for dragons to walk comfortably. The same goes for many important buildings and landmarks, which may have cathedral like interiors, and massive doors. Near the center is a popular market where beings big and small come to sell their wares. Akuzeth is known for its university where a select few magical beings may be allowed to study with some of the best magical masters Eokia has to offer. Some areas are open only to students, but there is a public library on the grounds, plus a trade school which offers services to the city. These central locations get a lot of traffic. The city is practically governed by the school. They sport a diverse multicultural population of humanoids and beast folk. 

A small coastal city in the south-east which sports a largely humanoid population. Delmarsh hosts many hybrids and mixed bloods between human and some other race. The people there are war-hardened, and used to taking the law into their own hands but loyal to their own. Delmarsh is community governed, but falls under some enforcement from @maximillion  's recruited forces regarding how certain criminals are handled.

This city-state is a mere ferry ride from Zakat in sonlas. Sol too has a steampunk vibe. The streets are narrow, The buildings are stone, enhanced with various gear-based contraptions. Magically powered automatons of various sorts roam the streets as cheap labor. Sol allows slavery of other peoples and magical beasts, as well as of Sol's own citizens if they end up in debts they can not pay or end up breaking the law. Sol is a false democracy. The officials are elected by the people, and the Governor is elected by the Officials, but its a one party system so the people don't truly have a choice in the matter. Sol maintains steady trade of goods and labor with Zakat via ship and steam train.

Way in the Eokian south on one of the islands is the ever-twilight city-state Tempura. It is only visible at Twilight. Tempura has a largely Egyptian feel, and closely resonates with the moon as well. The culture is highly religious, worshiping a pantheon similar to the Egyptian gods, as well as the sun and moon. Tempura is a highly protected cultural hub of its own unique brand of art and magic. The natives rarely die of natural causes.

Outside Eokia The people of these places may not consider themselves belonging to Eokia proper, but are still considered part of the Eokian map

A series of floating islands which resonate a strong magical signature. Supernatural beings in eokia can merely think, while focusing on that signature and be warped to the Reception Center at the center of Shi'karath, where they will be registered regarding appearance and abilities. The population is largely humanoid. Shi'karath has a Democratic political system, especially in the cities, while more rural areas may be ruled by a reigning lord, or other low level authority figure. These usually have no influence over the democratic system. Powerful organizations may call Shi'karath home

An island a short boat ride off the coast of Eokia. It is not within the Eokian barrier. Sonlas is divided into two countries which are both rather humanoid-centric. Much of Eokia is cautious of them due to their more technology driven ways, and their harnessing of magic to act too much like electricity. 

Feel free to create your own locations within Eokia.
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