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Eden is a secret organization of individuals who possess magic, who are mythical beings, and their allies, which hides inside the borders of Sanctuary.  Most members of Eden are people who have escaped the strict enforcers of Sanctuary, or who have evaded sanctuary's brainwashing techniques.

 Eden works to hopefully one day overthrow the authorities of Sanctuary, and prove to the public that the supernatural is not a myth, does exist, and is not always a threat.

Eden doesn't have a permanent territory. This organization is scattered, and pockets of the members have to move occasionally to keep away from the eye of the Enforcers. Eden makes use of anything they can get, from homes and apartments within Sanctuary's Capital, to patches of wilderness modified into a temporary campsite, to underground train stations and sewers.

Despite their meager dwellings, Eden has amassed a large number of financial assets and informational ties which give them extensive resources to use for their goals. 

The leadership of Eden is in charge of organizing their hidden numbers, and promising safety to those who need it. They fight the Enforcers, and are attempting to develop magic or technology that can reverse the brainwashing that the Authorities use to control. At heart, they are true rebels.

Current Leadership:
Boss;; open - tbd
Advisers;; open - tbd
Guards;; open - tbd
Agents;; open - unlimited
Recruits;; open - unlimited

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