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Perhaps you simply broke the dishes to start. No matter. That happens to anyone, right? Except, the bad luck begins to grow into a noticeable chain of events. A mere dish or two grows into accidentally crushing the neighbor's prized azalea bush, ending up with a fender bender on your car, and ending up on probation at work for a slight you can't even remember committing. All in a short span of time. It can't all be coincidence, right? 

You may choose one or more of the following endings to complete your quest. The journey to reach your desired ending is up to you!

♦ You are having a streak of bad luck. Things just aren't going right for you and you don't know why. Or maybe you actually do. Did something happen recently that put you in a slump? Did you run into a witch an get cursed? By moving forward, try and retrace your steps to find out why, or simply end this trail of bad fortune. 

♦ You are witness to someone having a streak of bad luck, perhaps a co-worker or a friend. Maybe you're just a bystander who got hurt due to this person's bad luck. A spilled cup of hot coffee can leave quite a burn. Are you going to help the unfortunate soul, or do you have a bone to pick with them now?

-- 45 Crowns

Quest created by Loner

Made by Jaronart of WW

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