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Technology's pinnacle. Sanctuary is the name of the giant nation resting upon a large continent. Nearly indistinguishable from Earth on the surface, it holds firm to the masquerade for the general populace. Underneath is a scientific might and sense of allegiance to the State that boggles the mind. Its mission? The pacifying of the supernatural by any means necessary.
Silent Night 02-15-2018, 02:26 AM by 000

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Demons, Fallen Angels, Hydras and Evil Beings of all kinds call the dark realm of Necropolis home. It is the hidden threat to all that wish for peace, comprised of countless hell dimensions all vying for supremacy. Above them all is the sovereign of the Necropolis, who delivers their will however they see fit. Only the ruthless and cunning survive here. Mortals and Gods alike, tread carefully.
Topsy-Turvy 4 hours ago by Tzuvy
With sheer elemental power, and creative energy magical races formed a new continent. By casting a complex magical barrier over the land they created a place where magic could thrive and grow without fear of non-magical technologies taking root. Many agreed to come, including some human allies, and start a new life. In Eokia there are vast cities and towns, thriving with urban life, and also great natural expanses, perfect for those who prefer a lifestyle closer to nature. There are many mysteries hidden on this giant landmass which maybe even its ancient creators do not know of.
Suncatcher in the wishing... 02-16-2018, 04:49 PM by Kazetatsu

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